Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Supplement- scatter shot, but here it is...

This week has been busy, and next week will start out that way.  Hence the late, shortish blog...  I went to a Sleep apnea fair (one of my family members has apnea, and I wanted to know a bit about the sleep lab).  I did my usual "thing" at the substation, running around shopping, getting things for husband, just being on the go.

I must be doing something right at the sub station, they are calling me directly to work shifts.  To this end, for the next two weeks, I will be helping out by working a Tuesday shift, as well as a Wednesday shift.  (Someone's spouse had a knee replacement, and has to be home.)  I managed to finagle a day off, that I would normally work in December, so I can have the day free for Husband's birthday!  Yay! 

I have to get the house cleaned and re-worked for a get together coming up, we will have an open house.  (It's because Husband wanted the cougar stuffed and mounted, and lots of friends and family want to see it.  Blog friends will see it too, when it arrives.)  So I have to figure out where to put some items, store others, just get RID of a few things, and make sure everything is presentable.  (I really don't want someone to sit down, and I realize that there is a cobweb the size of Kansas next to the chair, for example.) 

We are starting to get colder, so we have to start winterizing the house. My part of this, thankfully, is almost finished, I had to get all the planter pots emptied and put away for the season... This is harder than it sounds.  Several of the pots were filled with wet dirt.  And when I tried to lift it...  HA!  Husband had to finally help me with two of the pots, they were just physically to heavy for me to lift.  I also have to get some covers on the chicken house, so they don't get cold. 

Oh, that was another thing.  Sad news, but not totally unexpected.  I lost Gypsy, one of my oldest hens.  She just fell asleep and fell of the perch dead.  So that was just another little thing to take the time to care for.  I don't know how old she was, I know she was well past 5 years old, she was an old bird when I received her, and I had her for several years.  But, she had a good life. 

I know some of you followed my trials and tribulations of learning guitar.  I... have stopped until next year.  I wasn't able to practice as much as I wanted to, and with my in-laws, it was impossible.  Oh, and they will be out here in about 2 weeks.  Sooo, I just figure, next year has a Christmas.  I didn't say WHICH of the Christmases it was that I wanted to learn the song by. 

I did not.


It's my New Year's Resolution, and I can bend it all out of shape, any way I want.  So there.

I am still keeping up with my walking, in fact I have increased my laps by one, in nearly the same amount of time, so Husband says that I must be improving.  Yes, I would think so.  The only problem, the place I walk is getting winterized, (read: muddy), and I think every llama, deer, coyote, and dog in the area has POOPED on the walking trail.  I must say, it makes for an interesting exercise time.  Oh, and the fact a tree fell on the trail, and I am now walking AROUND that.  I guess I look at it as a way to have some variety in the scenery... Right?

Now if only I could have a little less scenery on the bottom of my shoes...

(And thanks to all who responded to the last blog, I didn't get the replies up, but I appriciate all your thoughts!)


  1. Still trying to get past the stuffed cougar... one shot by Husband, I take it? My ex-BIL had a set of stuffed unborn fawns, mounted to lay on top of their tv. Hmm...

    Another visit with the out-laws, I bet you can hardly wait. Holidays coming just too fast!

    Ever think of putting a kitty litter pan full of water outside to rinse off the bottom of your boots.

    Horribly tired tonight, If I am being stupid, don't publish.


  2. Sharon:

    You are not being stupid at all!

    No, Husband didn't shoot the cougar, it was the county hunter, we weren't real sure that we could "do" this job, legally, as well as not quite being sure about how to hunt a large cat, without being hunted ourselves. This is a 188 pound monster. I am still holding judgement on what this thing will be like...

    In-laws. Yes, they are coming. Can I take the 5th here?

    And as far as the poo fest, I try and remember to wipe my boots on a boot brush we have outside, but sometimes, I forget. Not good.

    Now go rest! :)



  3. I'm sorry about Gypsy. She certainly lived a long time for a hen.
    My husband has set his guitar aside for a bit too.

  4. In-laws, eh? How about greeting them at the door with a cocktail? People tend to be nicer when things are a bit fuzzy.:)

    I hope the cougar looks good and not too scary.

    As for the scenery on your shoes, I'll see that an raise you 6 kittens with the runs leaving scenery on my kitchen floor all day! LOL

  5. Terry:

    Well, I just like to think she had a good life with us, if nothing else... And I am going to go back to the guitar, but I need to give it more than a "lick and a promise" practice time.

    Cat, who just realized I made a pun...

  6. messymimi:

    Ya know, I have no idea if FIL drinks. SMIL used to work in a bar, many moons ago, but if she drinks now, hmm. But perhaps a whatzatini might be helpful. How many do I need? ;D

    Oh, my. Yes, I think you have the evil version of a full house... Kitty runs. Ick.


  7. I agree with terry
    she did well cos she was well looked after

  8. John:




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