Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordy Wednesday, Witch Wear, and Weigh in, and Whatever.

(How's THAT for alliteration?)

Scale day, and I lost 1 pound.  Why, oh, WHY do I go up with a bullet, but down with a feather? 

I know, be happy I lost. 

I guess it's mostly because I really want to get the new speakers for the computer.  The speaker is dying, just not quickly enough, it sounds like someone is squealing every time there is a high note, or woman's voice.  It is completely over the top noisy when I watch something that has, say, higher register guitar playing (rock music, anyone?), or police car sirens (cop show, anyone?)  I have been listening with headphones, but that means I am quite literally stuck in one place.  I can't just listen, or walk away from the computer.

Plus, for the talent portion of my performance, I have manage to knit the earphone cord into my baby blanket.  Twice...  (Let's just call it... Motivation.  Right?)  Guess it's a good thing I am not knitting lace...

I have finally had a Non Scale Victory (NSV).  I looked in the mirror this morning, and realised that my double chin is now more of a chin and a half.  It is definitely less noticeable!  This is a good thing, to me!

It has been very quiet at the Cop Shop today...  I was going to work on a flyer for my spinning group, (I was given permission from the gal, more or less, why are you asking, just do it!  Uh.  Okay.)  I made up a flyer that had generic pictures on it.  The gals all said they wanted pictures "OF THE GROUP".  Well, I received the pictures to use today.  It had two members of the group.  Half a dozen wheels, a drop spindle or two, but OUR GROUP is a mite bigger than two people.  And (snipe, snipe), I wasn't in the picture.  So, for the second picture, I put a photo of all my socks I have knit.

I will avenge myself somehow!  Heh.

Anyway, then I had a request to do up a newsletter for my CERT group.  Ready to sit down and compose, I noticed a file on the computer I'd forgotten about.  I guess my Karma points were up to date, because I had a fully finished newsletter.  I had finished it about 2 months or so ago.   Pretty much all that is needed is some pictures and 'fluff' on the latest exploits of our fine team, and I have it ready to go.  Always a nice thing when I get a bonus like that.  Makes me feel sort of... efficient!

One of the gals that I work for came in, and I commented on a cute Witch's Hat that was left over from Halloween. (It had been on the computer, for decoration.)  It is a black hat with sparkly silver stars and a purple hatband with an antique buckle.  I asked who brought it in, and the gal pipes up, Oh, I thought you had, it is so you! 

Uh. It is?  I put the hat on.  I must say, it fit well. (I wear a black "uniform" when I am here, so it went fairly well with that, too.)

She then adds, yes, it looks good on you!

Uuuuh.  Knowing this gal, I will indeed take this as a compliment, but man, it's just a tad on the strange side when someone tells you a witch's chapeau works for you...  At least she didn't say it fit my personality...

So, on my blog.  I will be doing some "cleaning" on the right side.  I want to condense the scale thing again, so I am not going over several months to put the weekly weigh data in.  I also need to do something about the blog roll.  Some people's blogs aren't on there that I want, I have a few I need to take off, for one reason or another, and I hope to just "clean it up" a little.  So if things look different, or are missing, hopefully it will return, and look better.  Plus, I still haven't put my latest award up.

So.  Time to get out the dustpan, the spray wax, elbow grease, and get the blog cleaned up.

(With some luck, I won't manage to delete the darn thing...)


  1. Keep up the good work on the weight loss! You are awesome!

  2. Now, that's 10# down from your top weight (bet you didn't think I looked, huh?) I think you deserve the CD now.

    Did you keep the hat? Somehow I don't know what to think of that comment, compliment or catty? Did you ever find out where it came from?

    Last time I "straightened out" my blog, I was not happy with it, so I made some more changes and had the posts listed as they came in with the title of the post, so my poor computer doesn't have to lad the whole page, just the post. Save on my "allowance".

    I seldom use my speakers, and my full sized comp doesn't have any. I used to listen to music on the laptop, but you can't hear it if you go in another room. I would suggest to DH to install whole house speakers/sound system, but then I would have to move out, he's just a "tad" hard of hearing.....

  3. All in all a Wonderful, Warm Wednesday, I'd say. Did you get to keep the hat? I added a bunch of blogs to my blog list, but kept the total of visible ones in my sidebar at 25. So those who update most often will always be there and when those who don't write often, finally do, they will appear among the 25. I like that a lot.

  4. Of course, you are a good witch, Dorothy! LOL

    I understand about trying to improve the blog, and hoping you don't accidentally do something wrong. I'm sure it will go fine.

  5. Congratulations on losing a pound. That's hard work.

  6. GIGGLING HERE: I hope you don't delete this blog during your pre-winter cleaning fest. :O) You crack me up. Thanks, Mal


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