Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little piffle bits 'o stuff...

(I was going to put this on Wednesday, but didn't get it put on the blog.  So, Thursday is a day, right?)

I haven't anything that is really enough for a good blog, so I just threw a few things in, and pick what ya want.  Sort of like tapas, but less calories.
Well, I should have bought a lottery ticket...

I told Husband last night that today was weigh in.  I added, "I just hope I haven't gained anything, I tried to exercise more, but I had also been nibbling a bit more than usual.  I would be happy if I just stayed the same." 

I am exactly the same as last week. No gain, no loss... I stayed the same.  I am not going to complain.  I will need to work harder next week, but at least it wasn't a gain.


I am making split pea soup for dinner.  Husband looked at me stirring it, then said, Hey, we have Whirled Peas!  (He's been around me much too long if he comes up with puns like that!  But then he's the same guy that comments about my needing some cheese when I have so much "whine".  Eye roll, please!)
Christmas gave me new pants (ONE SIZE SMALLER, not that it's important... cough... Grin.) 

It also gave us a new bed cover, and skirt. 

It also made me nearly want to thump Husband's melon.  I will add the proviso that I was in a nasty, foul mood, and he had the bad luck to come in when I was putting the new covers on the bed.  I had purposely tried to work on this when he was outside, as his help can vary from helpful to... just leave. Please. 

Sooo, he decided that he wanted to help.  Okay.  I get out the bed skirt.  In case you don't know, it goes between the box springs and mattress.  Husband didn't know this, thought it was a sheet, and put it on the top.  I promptly took it off, and asked him to lift the mattress. 

But it's a sheet.

Noo, it's a bed skirt.  It goes (pointing) there.

I think that would get wound up in the vacuum. 

(Snarl.) It won't reach the floor, so no, it won't. (Besides, I vacuum, not you, why should it matter?)

What do we need a skirt for?

This went on for a few minutes, until he realized I was bearing my fangs in a very threatening manner, as well as twisting the skirt into something more resembling a large croissant... He then just stopped talking and lifted the mattress.  I put the skirt on the bed, we put the comforter on, and he left.  I finished with the pillows and throws, and decided it looked nice.  Husband decided it was fine, after making sure I was not going to lunge at his throat like a rabid wolf.  But he still doesn't really "get" the skirt thing.  As long as it is where its supposed to be, I don't really care. Hmph.
I found out the term "snow line" can be extremely literal.  We were warned last night that it was going to snow today.  When I started to exercise, it was snowing at the house.  I walked to the top of the place, and it was not sticking on the way up, except to the back of Rudee, and occasionally to my nose. (Yes, I sneezed.)  But I reached the upper pasture, and there was just the barest start of a blanket.  I did my walking, and it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour, total.  This was long enough to see the green of the pasture turn almost white. (And sneeze several more times.  Darn flakes...)  But walking back down to the house, not a bit was sticking.  It felt sort of surreal.  

I saw, looking at the area around, no snow to a certain point, then pouf, like someone had stuck a ruler on the ground and edged everything to that point on all the local hills.  I also found out, that when I am walking, and it's snowing, I can't walk without my coat.  Oddly enough, my arms started to ache.  I should have known better, it isn't the "nice" dry fluffy snow, we had that white cow plop that does nothing but make things wet and cold.  But the pasture did sort of look nice.  Here's hoping that it doesn't freeze tonight...
  I have been trying to buy a t-shirt online.  This really shouldn't be such a trial. I thought.  Ok, my first plan, find the shirt, find how to pay by check, (I don't have credit cards), and get shirt... 

I tried this, send the check off, got it back, wrong address.  Huh.  Well, okay, it's the one on the site, but there are two others, try again.  Return, wrong address... again.  Huh?  They had that address on the site...  That doesn't make sense.  I tried the third snail address, with the same result.  I decided to stop pounding my head against the wall at that point. 

I was supplied with a gift card that should cover the shirt and shipping.  So, I look on the site.  But by this time, the shirt is available in Small, or XXX Large.  I can't wear either.  So, I email them, last week sometime, right before Christmas, "do you have, or will you get a size Large?" 

Today, my inbox had the response to the effect of, we received an email from you, please call or email us if you have a question. 

I am truly thinking this could be a Perry Mason title "The case of the Sh*tty Shop". Or, "The case of the WTF Website."  (Sorry... But it is beginning to bug me.)  So, I will try calling the number, and see if TALKING TO A REAL PERSON might help.  But, I have the sad thought, just because it's a phone number, doesn't equal a real person. 

Voice mail hell, anyone?  Maybe I will just roll up into the fetal position right now...

Dang it, I really want the stupid shirt...


  1. Sounds like around here - except DH doesn't offer to help, gotta beg and then he does (whatever) so stupidly that it insures that I will never ask again!

    Congratulations on the no gain over Christmas! Also size smaller pants! Big win!

    I do hope you get your shirt, maybe their mail address isn't real and there is no real place? Just a thought.

    Happy New Year!

  2. No gain, no loss, smaller pants. That's a win.

    Husbands need to learn that when a woman is feathering her nest, he'd better skeedadle.

    As for the website, some people make it so impossible you would think they don't want your business. Since you don't want credit cards, try getting a Visa debit card linked to your checking account, those run through as if they were credit cards, but you note it in the checkbook as if you had written a check. Or buy Visa gift cards or the reloadable card. That way, you put just what you need on it, and use it where sending a check is inconvenient.

    I hope they get more in your size soon.


  3. You did really good to not gain anything over the holiday. I don't think I did quite so well. But, at least, my clothes still fit.

    I had help with my bed yesterday, too. Check out my blog, because it sounds like Rachael was a bigger help than your husband was.

    I have found that emailing any online store is a giant waste of time. Give them a call, and persist until you find a real person. The key seems to be saying "representative" over and over again, until the machine gives up and connects you to someone who can actually answer your question.

  4. Congrats on the smaller pant size!! Wonderful!!! We had heard we were getting snow this week, but no snow. Oh well!! I don't have credit cards, but we use debit cards attached to our checking account, maybe that would help! I hope you have a fabulous New Year!!!

  5. No gain over Christmas!!! You are Wonder Woman! Wish I could say no gain!


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