Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Short. Just... Short.

Husband's birthday today, check.

Christmas shopping. Check.

Presents wrapped.  Ahem.  (I know where the wrapping paper is, does that count?)

All presents finished.  AHEM.  (But knitting frantically, and have bought ink, will be done with any luck tomorrow... GOOD luck, I mean...)

Weigh in, 2.6 pound loss.  HOT DAYAM!!! WOO HOO!!! , uh, check...

Saw a bald eagle flying overhead today, saw baby lambs, children playing hopscotch while chanting Sant- Ah- Claus, while hopping, and made some folks happy today, including one bloke that looked like a reject from the Hell's Angels, he thought my hat was terrific.  I thanked him. 

Somehow, responding that I thought his bull nose ring was cool... Wasn't said.

I couldn't figure out how to make it sound right...

But, ya know, happy is happy!

Hope your day is!

(Yesterday, I mentioned, as a JOKE, chocolate, labelled health food?  I was in a local vitamin store, and they had a bag of dark chocolate, and it was labeled for Heart Health.  NOT JOKING!  Wish I'd had my camera.  So, dig in, folks, Santa said so!!!)  ;)


  1. Great loss, Yeah! Probably from working it off getting all the things on your list checked off!

    What? You didn't buy some of that heart healthy chocolate?????? I have heard there is less fat and like no sugar in it....

    In a few days it will be all over and you can relax!


  2. Sharon:

    Who knows, I just feel like I have been doing a lot. (Celebration of the Last Minute, anyone?)

    And no, I didn't get the chocolate. I try not to buy same, because I can't stay OUT of same.

    Relax. Relax. I know that word, have to look it up later... ;)


  3. Oh, I am so jealous!!! -2.6 pounds over the holidays??? That's not fair!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. That is really super, especially during this season. Good luck with your last minute Christmas stuff. Sounds like you have things in hand, just busy hands.

  5. A great big Happy Happy to you...may your holiday be filled with lots of songs from the Jackson 5 Holiday album (yes, it plays in constant rotation at my house this time of year).

    And a big WHOOP WHOOP on the lost. I found those 2.6lbs on my gut this morning, just in case you were wondering where they went!

  6. Yea!!!! 2.6 pounds is awesome!!!!! I'm hoping to start my Christmas shopping today. Nothing like the last minute, but my knitting is all done, so that is all good!!!

  7. Good luck, and may it follow you into the New Year.

    Hooray on the weight loss.

  8. Merry Christmas Cat! You may be the only person I know losing wight during the holidays!

  9. Merry Christmas, Friends!

    Thank you for the encouragement (LaShaune, go find a skinny person and give them the extra!) I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, and I did get all the projects finished!!!



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