Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alapacalypse... Wow...

After all the warnings of dire bad weather, we had...  Grey skies, and not much else.  They are still warning of impending snow tonight, and there was snow a bit north of us, (Husband and I made a quick run for a Craig's List item he wanted to see), but it was not even frosty to speak of this morning.  It was muddy, for the most part, implying to me, at least, that the freeze level was a bit higher than yesterday.

I didn't walk yesterday, and ended up not doing much of anything, exercise wise.  Today I did.  It doesn't make sense to me, but I slept better last night, and today I seemed to work out better, with less achy-ness. 


So, we shall see if I will speak too soon about the lack of an event the weather folks were warning of.  Considering the fact that on several of the blogs I read, there is flooding, snow, ice, and half a dozen other problems, I figure I have got it sooooo easy. 

If I can convince Husband that I can walk when there is frost outside.  I think that is the harder problem, really...


11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

At the risk of these sounding suspiciously like resolutions, I will try.

1. Weight.  Lard = pain. Mostly physical, but I hate how I look with the less than delightful areas of overlap on my person.  Getting rid of it (as of this writing more than 20 pounds down!), I will hurt less, like the way I look more, and feel better!  Walking, better choices are working so far, so that's how I am eliminating them. 

2. Unnamed volunteer jobs that are a pain in the butt.  While I won't mention which ones, I have been working steadily on getting myself loosened and OUT of certain things that, while I am the GO TO gal, I just don't wanna be.  I will eliminate them... I guess by giving notice that I am no longer going to do the given job. 

3. Stuff.  When I can't find the floor, there is too much of it.  Find a home, mine, or elsewhere. 

4. TV as a thing to sit passively at.  If I am not using it as background, while knitting, or at least doing something besides sitting, I will have it off.  (And that goes for Hulu, too.)

You know, some of these questions are harder than others...

5. Mouthiness.  I will make an effort to think more before I speak.  Tends to make it a bit less 'step in it' feeling. 

6. Icky crap in the fridge.  Reaching into the fridge and having something you don't know what is, when it was put in, and why it's there, reaching back out, can be unnerving at best...  DATE ITEMS.  I have erasable markers, I need to use them.

7.  Papers.  I tend to hold on to papers that might or might not be useful.  I then have to toss pounds of paper at regular intervals.  Maybe skipping the middle man, and toss them unless I am SURE they are useful.  Betcha I won't miss 'em...

8. Over the top extreme caution to the point of ridiculousness.  I need to work on talking to people, they won't bite, as a rule (unless they are teen and tween Eclipse fans, from what I understand...  And that is only with significant others), and I really find that if I try and start a conversation, most times I find it nice, and occasionally fascinating.

9. Unrealistic expectations.  I am not in high school, I don't have the stamina  I did, and though I am improving, I doubt that I will be doing the over the top energy things I did then.  It's the drizzly blue baby s***s, but it's the truth.  Trying to deal with this by learning my limits, and trying NOT to ignore them so much. 

10. Leaking money for snacks.  If I stop buying candy bars so often, and put the money back, I can buy more music.  It lasts longer, and looks SOOO much better on my hips... (Well, okay, I wear the MP3 player around my neck, but you get the idea.)

11.  Oh, I am sure there is another thing I could think of to eliminate, but since I am getting to the point of goofiness, and thinking of resorting to potty jokes, I think 10 will have to do. 

Or... eliminating questions I don't want to deal with, by not writing an answer. 

Take your choice.  (Note: this is not applicable on IRS forms...)


  1. Well, like you, I hope you are not talking too soon.

    Slept well last night? Do you walk every day? Ever consider walking every other day and do some weights and stretches on the other days?

    Boy, eliminating 11 things - don't get me started...

  2. Glad the weather is not too terrible where you are. We are blessed also, just very, very cold here, but nothing worse.

    Your body does need a day off from exercise once in a while, really. Some people recommend 3 days a week of aerobic exercise, and 3 days of strength training, with flexibility and stretching mixed in somehow. Then one day a week of rest. Still, you have to do what is best for you.

    About #6, in the mornings, when you are brewing coffee or tea or something, instead of waiting for the water to boil or brew, use that time to clean one shelf of the fridge or a couple of bins in the door. You will never find the bacon grazing on the lettuce again.

    For #7, you are right, you won't miss them. If you do, a quick call to say, "That item seems to have gone missing in my files, could you send me another" usually resolves the problem.

  3. Love the list! Over the years I have learned what to do with leftovers before they make it into the fridge where they become hostile! Each evening I divide any leftovers into containers. One for the chickens for the next day. One for the wildlife up in the hills. One for the donkeys and horses. And if I know the leftover food will be eaten the next day, well, I'll leave it in the fride.
    As for papers, again over the years, I have learned to copy and scan and file on the computer. Doing that has cut down on the mountain of paper.
    Glad the weather there is decent. There is so much nasty weather around the globe. Ugh!


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