Friday, January 07, 2011

The hideous stench of success...

(Before anything else, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts on Tux, and know that I appreciate it.  I am going to change my avatar, which I was going to do some time ago, but I am going to put Tux's pic on the blog, so he is still a part.  Thank you all...)

The Case of the Putrid Pantry.

I had been smelling something in the kitchen for a while.  Being that my nose is a tad iffy on things, I asked Husband if he smelled it. 

Oh, yeah, didn't know what it was, but it doesn't smell good.  I've been smelling it for a while... 

Well, isn't he the little CNN for me? 

So, I had him sniff about (having allergies, I can tell you something smells.  Short of it being stuffed up my nose, I can't tell you WHERE the smell is...)  We decided it was most likely the pantry. 

And so, as usual, my plans to go do something else went by the wayside.  This smell was like something died.  In fact, I wondered if a mouse had managed to crawl somewhere behind everything, and shuffle off the mortal coil bit.  After my walking this morning, I got to it.  I started taking everything off the floor.  Several dust bunnies, small spiders (eeeeeewwww), and a few dog kibble later, I established there IS a floor in the pantry, and the smell wasn't from there.  Mop, replace all the stuff, repeat, each and every shelf.  I was getting concerned, I had not found the smell.  OMG, was it IN THE WALL???  I had this image of pulling down everything and taking out the wall. 

I was down to the final shelf (isn't that always the way?), and picked up my potato basket.  Snif... Sniiifff?  It wasn't the basket, but it was nearby...  Then I looked behind the basket.  There was a nearly liquefied potato, protesting its right to compost.  I had indeed found my stench du pantry... 

After very, very carefully removing said expired spud (that still smelled to me like a dead mouse), I wiped down the area thoroughly, and started the process of putting all the bits and pieces back in place.  I decided to do some "remodeling", putting heavier stuff at the bottom, as well as glass, so if there were a problem, it would be less likely to be disastrous.  I put the lightweight plastic stuff on the very top shelf, which proved my point.  I dropped at least two things on my head as I tried to put them up there, and except for some very impertinent language, and crooked glasses, I was fine.  But now, as you can see, I have a nice, neat pantry. 

I am also exhausted.  I don't think I have done that many knee bends since high school!  But, I can see things, stuff is clean, there is no faux dead mouse, and I will be able to not worry about someone smelling something in the kitchen that isn't cookies!


Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010?  What community would you like to join, create, or more deeply connect with in 2011?  (Cali Harris)

I don't know that I have discovered any new groups this last year.  One that I would like to get back into would be the Ravelry groups.  I was on that nearly when it started.  I really didn't go there enough, so I didn't get 'into' the various groups and knit a longs, things and stuff that the amazing blogosphere of crafty folk have to offer.  I don't know how often, even now, that I will go on and check things out, but I will try to make a bit more time for it.  I mean really, where else can I find patterns for socks from people who actually have knit them 70 times or more, and lived to tell the tale?

I am also sort of vaguely kinda maybe thinking about Twitter.  It just looks like fun.  However, since I do not know that

Cleaning chicken house.

Fed Dog.

Llama stepped on my foot.

would be any more thrill packed as a tweet than it is as a small blurb in my blog, it might or might not happen. (And I still say that people who do Twittering, are Twits.  It's American English, folks!  Not a judgement...)  The one that I tried, and didn't see the point was Facebook.  I realize that it's supposed to be juuuuuust terrific, and I am a low down dirty scuzzbucket because I don't think so...

But I don't. 

Life goes on.  Ravelry and blogs RULE, Facebook, well... you know....


  1. The pantry looks gorgeous. Glad the great stink hunt had some positive results. Now the challenge, which I would fail miserably, is keeping it looking that way. I don't know about you, but I seem to be a walking disaster area. Wherever I go, I leave litter and mess behind. May you be a better woman than I am.

    I have to join Facebook. One of my goals this year is to set up a Facebook page for the FLTAP Trainer's Listings. We need to reach more people, and it seems that is a good way to do it.

    And, I figure I had better get some practice in first, on a personal one. Like you, I really don't see the sense of the whole thing, but I guess it's just one of those 21st century things.

  2. I love the way you write!

    Anyway... just have to say that I myself have rescued things-that-once-were potatoes from the back of my cupboard. And they really do smell like something else.

  3. Not on Facebook. Don't want to be. I can barely keep up with the people i know now, IRL and online, i can't imagine having to keep up with any and every person from my past, or my extended family, that stumbles upon me.

    Sort of thought, when you said a bad smell in the pantry, that it would be a dead potato. It usually is. Those things reeeeek. No way to use enough e's to describe how badly, i know. Glad it is found and the pantry is clean, and your glasses survived.

    Oh, i don't Twitter, either. Would take up more time i don't have.

  4. Oh there really is almost nothing worse than a liquid potato. Yuck....I find some of them once in a while too.

  5. Eeew. I've smelt a rotten potato, and it's nasty! At least you got a clean pantry out of it!

  6. Doing my own thing right now, my pantry will have to wait to look as neat and tidy as yours! Nice job! I knew it was a potato as soon as you started writing, why? Have had the same thing before. Really raunchy, isn't it?

  7. Thank you for your note in my journal! I too can relate to the potato story! And, condolences on the passing of Tux. I can relate to that too.

  8. I glad it was a spoiled potato and not a dead mouse. Nice looking pantry.

  9. Louise: I hope desperately your teacher was better than mine for Facebook, I knew more than the teacher did, he was late to class twice, and I had to pay for the blinkin' privledge... I only went onto FB to help with my CERT group. Will eventually do that, but I will still not have one for me...



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