Saturday, January 15, 2011

More or less halfway!

Well, this is the 15th, and I don't believe I have missed a day blogging this month.  I think, once I finish the 31 questions, I will go back to Wednesday, Sunday, and random days to be determined.  I find that I seem to be digging a bit for topics...  Let's face it, I enjoy writing, but I can get repetitive.  (And, according to the spell check, I keep screwing up the word "repetitive", but I digress.) 

So, it's been interesting here at Fur 'n Feathers Farm, there has been talk of people camping that no one knows who are nearby.  There is shooting, off and on, at hours that I am rather sure people aren't supposed to be hunting.  There is talk of starting a Neighborhood Watch group.

And guess who is the one elected to be the Law Enforcement go between?  ; )

I am fine with helping, but I am sort wondering if some of the folks don't realize THEY can call in 'suspicious activity'.  I haven't seen these mysterious campers.  I don't know where the shooting is coming from, though I have heard it.  But I keep hearing from the neighbors, well, since you work with them...

(I am overly sensitive, I am the very first to admit this, but when some of the folks say this, the word "them" is said with the same tone of voice to describe stepping on a slug with your bare foot.  You want help, don't make it sound like you are dealing with Satan incarnate!)

So, I have been checking with one of my bosses, who heads up Neighborhood Watch in this area.  I will have the first meeting at my house, I suppose.  Since the Great Cougar Party of 2010, people around here certainly know where I live!  (I think I am slightly jealous of that silly cat, more people have come to see it, than have ever come over to visit me. Jealous...  Me? Snort.)

As for the shooting?  Eeesh.  It's a fact of life in this area.  I guess I try to ignore it, but it did wake me up at about 2 in the morning... Somehow, I don't believe that's a legal hunting time... So, perhaps it's something that can be brought up at the meeting, by someone else, who might actually have a clue about where it's coming from?  Or am I just being unreasonable... 

Nah.  Unreasonable is what I said when the guy was shooting this morning... 

Or at least anatomically improbable.

(Small Edit.  Just so you know, I have gone to ACTION.  It's not much, by a long shot, but I have written a few sentences on my book.  It actually has a start now!  Let the turtles hurdle!)

5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

Without a doubt, I hate this question.  I guess I understand the reasoning, but having a family member that had Alzheimer's, this question struck me wrong...  But I guess I will play the game.


Blood drawing for my 5th or 6th gallon.  Classes to help me learn what a Public Information Officer does, and finding out that I knew quite a few people there.  Cougars, cougars, cougars...  From the one that killed my llama, to meetings about others that have had problems with cougars, to talking with the deputies that have dealt with real cougars, stuffed cougars, and thought a dog was a cougar.  Finding out that a stuffed cougar takes up a HECK of a lot of wall space...  Tom Petty concert, seeing the guy I love to listen to on stage for real!  Seeing the Heartbreakers all going at it for one tremedous dose of power listening (well, with earplugs).  Walking the hill and finding I like it.  Losing ONE PANT SIZE!!!  Finding out I have a really smart chicken, as she can figure out how to fly over and get on my arm...

Ding.  You know, I would have probably had more written, if I wasn't trying to "beat the clock" and made quite so many typos...  And I think I see one or two still.  Pbbt.  It said 5 minutes.  That's five, folks...


  1. Um.... this is not a question I ever thought I would find myself asking, but... do you have lots of hurdling turtles down your way?

  2. There has been a lot of shooting around here too. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't believe there is any hunting season open....

    5 min, huh?

    Now, I can start a newer and hopefully better year!

  3. The Merry:

    LOL! Well, they gotta do something!


  4. Sharon:

    I haven't been into town to get the state hunting guide, I am sorta thinking geese *might* be going on, but I don't know, that might be more fall... But NOTHING that I know of is hunted at night 'cept Snipes...

    And ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ works for me, too, well, as long as I can remember the concert...


  5. Girl,

    I am a light sleeper. I have been hearing lots of shooting at night around here. I just wonder if farmers are out on feral hog hunts. Those are just a PITA animal around here that I don't mind the wake up call. Just wish they were not so close to my house. What are normal hunting hours anyway?

    Take care,

  6. Sorry it sounds like poachers, or similar, in the area. Our neighborhood watch guy keeps telling neighbors to call for themselves, the deputies won't bite, for heaven's sake. All the ones i've met have been great.

    Good for hurtling turtles and sentences getting written!

    Not sure what i would write if i set a timer for 5, but i know it couldn't capture much. Good for you for getting all those things down. You had quite a year.

  7. No shooting around here other than at the shooting range, located at the beginning of our canyon. I would hate to wake up to it in the middle of the night. How exciting -- you are writing a book! Good for you, I wish I could too. The market is over-saturated with dog books, something I could write, so I don't know. Good luck though.--Inger


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