Sunday, January 23, 2011

HOT farm wear... Riiiiight... And the renaming of Cat.

(Ok, Blogger is being a S###, this was supposed to go up tomorrow.  I may or may not post tomorrow, accordingly... We shall see.)

Spew alert.  Put down the beverage.  This is a chuckle.  Ha ha.  Gaffaw.  Snort.  However you slice it, somehow I think most males in this area wouldn't be caught dead wearing this... Using it for the dog kennel, or to wipe down an oily mess perhaps, but actually wearing it?

Um. No. 

Found on this website, when I was reading Rural Revolution.  Anyway, finish your drink, and take a look.

What ARE those goofy strings hanging off the sides of the clothing?  Bailing twine, dyed to match???  Even if you don't farm, it just looks like a good way to get tangled in something...  So.  Um.  What do you want to bet this isn't going to be at the local feed store anytime soon?  (grin) 

And "matchy-matchy"?  Not exactly "macho-macho", methinks... (In fact, I seem to remember the side ties on some jeans that I used to wear when I was in high school, I don't believe the guys would have wanted to wear the 'girly' styles like that. 

Prompt: New name. Let's meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

This question reminded me instantly of a commerical for Las Vegas...

Sorry, for the life of me, I can not figure out how to put this on there as the little screen thing, just click on the URL, it should work, I think... 

Anywho, er, a different name.  I go by my nickname Cat, or Knitcat, when on line, and I use Cat Lacemaker when at faire, (detect a theme here?). 

I dunno, continuing with the feline theme, Lady of the Cougar?  Cougar Lady?  (Maybe not, considering the connotations of Cougar anymore...) 

Wolflady?  Shewolf?  (Guh, that sounds like a character from a bad 70's cartoon...)

Cocoa.  'Cuz I am warm and sweet. (Gag... The name's all right, the explanation stinks!)

At one point I was going to go by my middle name if I became a famous author, but I like my first name better.  (Due to Husband issues, we won't go into either of those names... Gonna get me a Nom de Plume?)

So, let's see.  Dorothy Canby.  Just like the sound of it. 

Margaret Mary Megan Elizabeth.  To make people look twice. 

Mae West.  Because she was a woman that sounded like she had a lot of fun...

Elenor Benton Wainwright.  So I can fix wagons, or go on a trip to the gold fields in Deadhorse.

Ok, I guess I will stop there, I wouldn't remember who in the heck I had introduced myself as, at this point!

Bye for now,
Cat.  Just Cat


  1. How about Just Cat? The Woman formerly known as Cat? Kat? Catty? Ohh, here is a good one, Cat's Paw? Cat's Maa?

  2. You were right, that was spew worthy, thanks for sharing.

    I like Margaret Mary Megan Elizabeth. Then again, i grew up Catholic, so i am weird.

  3. Hi Cat!

    Heaven's to "Men in tights" all they are missing is the feet! The horses would laugh so hard! Think that's taking the "feminine side" a tad too far!

    First introduction, huh? Writer's name? hmm, Cathrine Marielle Funk - Memorable?

  4. Oh I just love Chai Chai`s suggestion! The woman formerly known as Cat! Very clever!

  5. You know, Cat, I never could figure out how to do that publish later thing.

  6. Yeh, your average male is going to be caught dead in those outfits. As for names, I think you should choose Hepzibah. Just because no one would forget you then.


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