Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet 'n Sour...

Scale day... Notsogood.  Up 1.4, so I am sort of grumbly.  But I know it was mostly salt, and a certain auntie coming by for her monthly visit, so I am trying not to knock myself down too hard about it.  Still annoying.  I had thought about weighing myself tomorrow to see if it was just a fluke, but I made a deal with myself, so to speak, that once a week was enough, when I was weighing myself every day, I hated getting up, because I knew that stupid scale was the next item on the list...  So, I will take the grumble grumble rackin frackin thing and try hard to do better next week.

Several of you have suggested alternating days of walking with days of weight training.  That is one of those things that I just don't seem to get into.  Maybe I haven't done the right kind of training, don't have motivation, whatever.  I try to do weight training, it will last, oh, a week, if I guilt myself a lot...  And, as a rule, I don't.  This walking thing I have been doing isn't exercise for me, it's just walkin' the dog.  That isn't really exercise.  Or at least it's what I tell myself.  So, I will keep looking for something that I can alternate, but so far, no luck.  Even if I did, though, I would have to make at least a quick run up the hill, to make sure that Rudee would get some deer chasing running time out in the yard, not stuck in the kennel. 

So, on the good side of the day.  That T-shirt that I have been wanting for some time?  The one that I couldn't mange to send a check to the company for, even though they said that there was snail mail availability to buy things?  That they kept running out of my size?  That I called the Customer (lack of) Service about?  Well, somehow, some way, I managed to get on the website.  They had my size!  I ordered.  It took!  Now will it accept my payment?  IT DID!  So, now if the delivery van doesn't blow up, or my order go into the bit bucket, or some other galactic mayhem, I will finally, but FINALLY  have the tour T-shirt I have been trying to get.  Mojo shirt to go with the Mojo socks.  Not much, in the great scheme of things, but it will make me happy...

Body Integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (Author: Patrick Reynolds)

Walking has been one, but oddly enough, it's when I have taken road trips with Husband.  We go some place, we just seem to relax.  He (usually) takes his hearing aid, and is in a contained space, so he can hear me, I don't have 'things' to do, and we just talk.  Or listen to the radio.  Sometimes he holds my hand, sometimes I scratch the back of his neck.  I am usually the "turnoff lookout", he tells me which road, or flat out gives me the map, and I do a pointer dog impression when we are close.  But until then, we just enjoy each other's company.  Sometimes we don't even talk, but just watch the road, and what is going by.  It may sound strange, but with the exception of potty stops, I normally don't hurt as much, and we arrive in a good mood.  We've even been lost a couple times, and just worked our way out, 'gee, didn't we pass that building?  What direction were we going before?  Do you think the construction guy will know where this is?'  (Most of the time, they do!) 

(One exception to this was when we were first married, I had told him to get into the RIGHT lane, which he kept saying he couldn't, and we'd went around this block about a dozen times.  Finally I roared at him to pull over.  Showing him the map, he realised that I wasn't misreading it, we did need to go right.  We got to the port in time... To see the ferry leave without us.  We had some 'apart' time for an hour or so, so we didn't kill each other at that point, and have since worked out how to give directions in such a way that we don't have arguments.  Doesn't mean we are perfect by any stretch, but it does make for a more pleasant journey.)


  1. Well, I am glad you finally (maybe) have that T-shirt ordered and hopefully will get it in the mail soon!

    Men don't read maps, seldom will listen to their wife but will go by the directions of a 2 yr old Garmin that is out of date and turned idiot. Go figure.

  2. Weight will fluctuate up and down like that, so keep weighing once a week. Once that dreaded aunt has gone, you will be down again.

    If you don't want to or don't like to weight train, that's actually fine. Walking, with the occasional run to chase the dog, or a deer, is still the best exercise of all. Your walking sticks are like carrying weights anyway. It's just a good thing to do if you can, as is taking a day off from exercise at least once a week. Even G-d rested, remember.

    Glad you and husband got following directions down. Sweetie gets confused and then yells out of frustration, not anger. It's just easier for me to drive and him to sleep.;)

  3. Love the road trips. That's the best part of my relationship too. Most times, I relinquish my control-freak ways and let the Fella drive. Great music, great convos and finally I get to fall asleep.

    MessyMimi is correct about the walking sticks. I'm thinking of investing in a pair. I saw the red-dot store had some on sale. Another option would be hand weights on your walk - you could do some bicep curls, triceps and shoulder moves all while walking (unless you have to hold on to the lease). If you're lease wrangling, you could try lifting the dog - but I'd rather opt for the hand weights.

  4. Well, we don't have a GPS in the truck, so I guess that would be me. Husband's okay with a map, but loathes asking for directions, so I have to be very aware if I recognize where we are...

    The walking sticks aren't real heavy, but I guess they would be added weight, plus the extra movement... (They ain't heavy, they're my stick-iiiies... No. Just. No. Ugh. Sorry.)

    And as far as the actual weights, no, I could add weight to the sticks themselves, but the sticks keep me from doing inelegant things like falling on my a$$... And since we are in a fenced area, I am just very lucky that the Rudemonster can run without anything. And I don't know that I want to bench press a German Shepard!!! ;) (He might think it was fun, tho...)



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