Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The case of the Baying Beagles, SOLVED...

Our neighbor did end up calling the Sheriff over the beagle incident of yesterday.  And bless her, she called us later, to let us know what had happened.

Our next door neighbor, Bell, had called the Sheriff, and the deputy that came out went around trying to find the beagles, who, miraculously, were quiet.  Well, he went to Bell's next door neighbor, Sam, who I am given to understand, turned a little pink.  Turns out, a friend of his has hunting dogs, and was given permission to practice run his dogs on Sam's property.

This was all well and good, until 1,2, and 3 decided that things needed to be brought up a notch, and slipped the leads.  The chase was on, for whatever it was they were chasing.  (I still don't know if it was the deer, the bobcat, or some other thing that they got a whiff of...)  They circled 'round, and the owner was able to get them caught and put away again.  He then apologized to Sam, who in turn apologized to the deputy, then called Bell, and apologized to her.  Bell called us with the explanation. 

Not 10 minutes later, Sam called, and apologized to us for creating such chaos! 

We had a bit of a laugh about it, and said, hey, we are the 'new' neighbors here, we just didn't know if someone was doing something they shouldn't.  He said he'd have to let more neighbors know if the dog hunter needed to practice again.  We told him that would be nice, we just wanted to make sure that Bell was okay, mostly. (She's in her 80's, as I remember.) 

So, we have a really good phone system, if nothing else.  That being said, I think I will write up something and see what people locally want for a time to set up for Neighborhood Watch.  Couldn't hurt.  And in my case, I could maybe put faces to names a bit better.

So, now you know... The rest of the story.

In other news, I am going in little circles, weight wise.  I must be doing something right, because my pants are getting loose.  So I trotted up to the scales, ready for my happy reward... And what to my wondering eyes should appear, is .4 of a pound, re-stuck on my rear!  This doesn't make sense, I keep going, little up, little down, little up, little down.  But my clothes are fitting me better, even to the point of being loose.  Husband has been really nice, in fact he was of the mind that it must have been the drink I had before bed. 

Warm milk causes weigh gain?  Huh.  But, I guess there is always next week.  Grumble.

But why are my clothes fitting better???  STRANGE.

Walking, while not as exciting as yesterday, had it's share of unique-ness.  I was up the hill, and got a thorn or sticker of some ilk in my boot.  In my sock.  I had to take off my boot, and my sock, and find and remove said thorn.

Did I mention it's 24 degrees with frost on the ground here?  No snow, but let's just say I was HIGHLY motivated to get that sock back ON.  I had my big toe on the ground, and it was still a bit too much for comfort!  I realize that most folks eastward would LOVE to have my problem, but wow, that was nippy.  I did manage to keep Rudee from licking my foot.  That could have been more excitement than I could have handled, at that point.  Add to that a random Charlie Horse when I was on my 4th lap, and I nearly face planted. 

I walked, according to the pedometer, 1.16.  I think that .16 of that was when I was hopping on one foot, with Rudee deciding that I was great fun.  I wasn't

Trust me on this. 


  1. Cat dear, Muscle weighs more than the same portion of fat.... not saying it right, but you know what I mean. Making more muscle, anyway, with all that walking and hopping. ;-)

  2. You're getting muscles from walking so much. Muscle weighs more than fat so but looks better on you. That's why you're looking better but not losing weight.

    I have never heard a beagle bugle. Think I'll put it on my bucket list. I've heard that following a beagle pack is really fun.

  3. Well I think your clothes are fitting better because of your exercising changing the shape of your body, but not necessarily show up on the scale....I have the same issue. Do you take your measurements regularly?

  4. hmmm, a post about beagles and hopping - were you doing the Snoopy dance?

  5. Yeee-ouch! Cringing in sympathy of having to take your shoe off in that weather.

    Of course your clothes are fitting better. Barbara Edelstein M.D., in her book The Underburner's Diet, explains something about this.

    At one point in her life, she decided to see what exercise alone, without altering her eating habits, would do. For one year, she continued to eat her normal diet, that usually resulted in her gaining weight and having to go back on her own diet to lose it. The only difference was, for 40 minutes, four times a week, sick or well, good weather or bad, she walked.

    She didn't lose an ounce. She didn't gain, either. However, her hips trimmed considerably. She was able to run for airplanes carrying luggage or up stairs more easily. Her skin glowed.

    The fact is, you are building muscle, which is more compact than fat. A pound of muscle takes up less room on your body than a pound of fat. Thus, you are burning fat and gaining muscle tone, which means you may not budge the scale as much as you want, but you are changing the composition of your body. In the end, that is good, because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue.

    So, keep it up! You are doing great good for your body, and the weight will come off.

  6. Sharon:

    I understand. I just hope not to do too much more of the hopping portion of the program!!!


  7. Louise:

    I hope so! We had a neighbor with a beagle, and every day when the neighbor came home, we knew, as he would howl incessantly for about 5 minutes 'til she got out of the car.

    Never been around a pack doing chasing, but they sure are energetic little things!


  8. Tina:

    You know, I haven't measured lately. Maybe that should be another "sign" I should pay attention to. I have my pre-weight loss numbers around here somewhere... Hmm.


  9. Chai Chai:



  10. messymimi:

    Uh, thank you. BRRRR!

    I think I might have to scare up a copy of that book, sounds interesting.

    And maybe I guess I am just grumbly because when I see my pants looser, I just natrually expect less weight!


  11. Muscle is gold. Fat is bubble wrap. That always helped me understand why I weigh 175 pounds and I am not a bubble wrap blimp. lol.

  12. Stone Cottage Mama:

    I LIKE THAT! I can also think, gee, pop, pop, there goes a few more blobby spots! Heh...



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