Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank you East Coast, keep it comin'...

We have snow on the mountain again!  Now, I know those of you who are up to your... elbows... in the stuff probably aren't impressed.  But...

No snow in winter = Drought in summer.

Yes, this is Oregon.  But it still happens.  And we had a "Pineapple Express", which means that after we had a lovely batch of snow up high, the Jet Stream changed to bring warm air and melt same.  So, it was looking a bit chancy for a while.  But there is snow up there.  Now if we could just keep it up there, and all of you on the other side could get your own Pineapple Express...  (Not all at once, however, or boats might be the next thing for that area...)

St. Valentine's was pretty quiet for us, Husband had a job, so we exchanged little gifts.  I gave him some candies he likes (Sweeties.  Thought it was appropriate, somehow.)  He gave me not one, but two cutting board that I have been asking about.  He made them.  I like smaller cutting board, and so he took a standard board, and cut it in half, then using some of the machines that he has, cut it out to make a cutting "island" with a pouring area when finished cutting.  I like!

We had dinner, and watched Toy Story 3.  Not the most romantic movie, perhaps, but it was one neither of us had seen, and certainly a better choice than Insomnia... 

I am getting a few minor victories of accomplishment here, I have finished socks, Christmas Stocking, and FOUND THE VIDEO that I hadn't been able to find for about 2 months.  So, I can finally watch the guitar video like Husband suggested. 

Found a pattern for a messenger bag, knitted.  It only takes about 1000 yards of yarn...  (Eep!)  I was thinking about using my hand spun, but even if I used every last scrap, I don't believe I would have enough.  I will look through the stash, but I suspect that there wouldn't be enough of any one color there, either.  And, as one of the gals said in spinning, it's sort of a waste to felt homespun, it's sort of like hiding it.  Sooo, I will have to budget for my latest thing.  But, the priority is chicks.  Chicks are coming into the feed store this next week, so I am am going to get out the heat lamp, water trough (It makes a terrific container for the wee clucklings), and the usual stuff and nonsense that I dig out for the babies.  We haven't had any bobcats for a while (knocking on wood frantically), so I am hoping that if I buy a batch, they will grow this time, and not become a feline buffet line.

So, what am I doing today?  I fed, then walked, (Rudee was really wanting to.  I was not.  Rudee won.  I wish that I could WAKE UP as perky as that dog, sometimes!), then did a bit of house cleaning.  Knit a sock toe.  Made lunch.  In all, a very unexceptional day. 

You know, those are nice, sometimes. 

And, I should be getting my Library Card any day now.  Just signed up, and then I can check out items with total disregard to the wall of books already in my house.  (Heh.)  In truth, I am actually looking for it as much for some of the video and music options as anything.  Magazines, too. 

So.  I suppose I should go do something.  Hm.  Betcha I could start dinner soon. 

The thrill never ends, yes?



  1. Talking about movies - I read Stephen King's book Insomnia and later I heard they made the movie and I was anxious to go and see it. I kept saying "What? What? This is some other Insomnia", I was so disappointed. How could they do that to ME? Yep, I was truly insulted.

    Your cutting boards sound neat. I had one, now it's gone, no idea where.

    Chicks, oh, everybody is getting chicks - except me. I better see lots of pictures. Talking about chicks is like talking chocolate cake to somebody on a diet!

    I like unexceptional days the best. :-)

  2. Those everyday days are nice. As for the library card, you've read all the books in your house, so it's time for new ones that you don't have to store and dust. (That's my story and i'm sticking to it!)

    Love the cutting board idea, your husband is a keeper. Then again, you already know that.

    No chicks here, either. Not allowed in this zoning area. We are out of the city limits, but not quite far enough. Hope you enjoy yours.

  3. Well, I haven't read EVERY book in the house, but enough that I am getting itchy fingers, I guess...

    Yeffir, he's stayin'... ;)

    As for the chicks, there will be chick pix...



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