Thursday, April 07, 2011

F. Which starts a lot of words...

However, there isn't one of them that I can think of to write about today.  I guess I have "F-Block"?  Guess that's better than an F-bomb. 

Flowers. Did it... (Gardenpalooza counts, right?)

Fail. Don't wanna do it.

Frogs, Flies... Forgitaboutit.

Foreign. Ne pas? (Ne huh??)

Fart. I will pass... ; )

Future.  Hasn't gotten here yet.  I was going to maybe blog on this a bit, but since everything I am thinking of saying makes me sound like a Dinosaur, and we've already passed D... Nah.

Fortune.  Dame or Lady Luck, you decide...

Food.  Now there's a topic I can sink my teeth into!  Heh.  I made some cookies the other day.  Husband loved them, they are made with Total Cereal.  We have some of the cereal left.  We also have other cereal left.  I have coconut.  I have raisins.  I have oatmeal.  So what does that make?

(No, not a mess, but close...)

Junque Cookies!  (Yes, it starts with J, but it's food.  This is as close as I could get today, folks.) 

I take a basic cookie recipe, like the base for chocolate chip cookies.  Add, well, whatever is handy, and then also one box of cake mix, an egg, and 1/4 cup water.  Mix really well.  Then bake, and you have Junque Cookies.  I started making these in college, and found that some things work really well.  Chocolate chips (or any similar flavored chips), cereals, some crushed hard candies... However, I found out Gummy Bears... 

No.  Just NO.  Let's just say that I had to soak the pan for a long while to get the mess off... And the one I tried, was just icky. 

FIL won't eat Total, says it's a "laxative" cereal.  Husband isn't eating the Grape Nuts, and I haven't been able to eat all I bought of it... So I will just make a heaping pile of Junque, and maybe use up stuff.  Might have to get some chips to put in it, too.  I might have to give some of the cookies to the in-laws, and see if they like them.  Recipe? 

Uh.  Put stuff in?  Heh... 

And everyone eats the stupid cookies, even if they won't eat the individual ingredients.  Screwy...

So, fortune would forfend I forget F in my fording through blog land. 

Even if I am just writing fluff...


  1. haha i thought you did pretty good!!!

    i was just thinking about a couple and i just could think of Dutch words!


  2. IF my co-teacher flakes, and doesn't come up with fabulous cookies for us to decorate for our last class as co-op, i will have the good fortune of having your recipe, which i will borrow. It actually sounds like my family, friends, and even picky students would enjoy it.

    Glad you thought of food.

  3. Yes-it has definitely been my experience you can put most anything in a recipe and call it a cookie and get away with it!!!! Sorry my family!! Haha!! Good luck Cat-how long does your visit continue for.........!?

  4. You are sooo FUNNY!! Ha, ha -- that starts with an F too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the foals. I just love donkeys so much.--Inger


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