Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Queen size...

As some of you know, I do presentations at schools for my renaissance group.  I had given a call out for 'props' to use.  This was one that was in the 'bosses' stuff.  I was allowed to borrow it, it's based on a riding outfit that Queen Elizabeth I wore.  (I realize that it was cold during that time period, but this sucker is HEAVY.  And add to it the fact that it isn't the 'real' materials, it's velveteen, not velvet, I don't know if the white is linen or not, and the pearls are faux... The real thing must weigh a ton!)  I thought it was quite pretty. 

Then I was thinking, wow, the original was made with no sewing machines.  All by hand.  That, somehow, impressed me even more.  I haven't personally tried it on, (It comes in two pieces, left and right,, and I haven't put a cord in the back to keep it together), but I should sometime, just to see if I could wear it.  I think it's large enough for me.  When one of the little 5th graders tried it on, it looked like she was being eaten alive by it!  So, that is part of my Queen size for today.

The other part, grumble, grumble, grumble, is Queen sizing ME.  I gained 2.6 pounds this week!  I didn't pig out, that I can think of.  I did my normal exercise, in fact I got a tad bit more in as I dug out a tank for carrots, lots of hand digging hard clay-ish soil.  I had more salt than usual, but I wouldn't think it would add that much! 

I must say, I was NOT a happy camperette this morning. 

The strange thing, I don't feel like my clothes are tight, like I would normally, when I gain, and my rings keep sliding over, like when I have lost weight. (If you wear rings, do you have that problem, the stone, or emblem, rides down to your next finger, and you end up pushing it back where it belongs continually?)

I was annoyed for the obvious reason, I am up for the week, but I am also annoyed, because I go in to talk to the bright shiny new doctor Friday.  Of all the dang times to have an uptick! &*%$!!!  Hmph.  But, he isn't a jerk, or at least hasn't been the last few times I have been in, so we shall see what a full physical will show for me... 

Besides the fact that am a 40something, attitudeinally variable, slightly off kilter, neo-hippie.  You know, the usual...


  1. Remember, if you're working out you're gaining muscle mass!
    My weight gain had nothing to do with the new kickboxing class and everything to do with peanut butter M&Ms. Sigh.

  2. Oh I know how frustrating it all can me...I am right there with you Cat. Sometimes when I gain like that out of the blue, because like you I know I have eaten right and worked out hard, it's an adjustment for your body to that weight, and it will be back off next week. Just keep plugging pound at a time, one day at a time, don't give up.... you can do this...I know you can. When I get really really frustrated with it and kind of discouraged than I remind myself that I worked to damn hard to let this little setback get me back to my bad habits, but it's funny how those bad habits are just seeming to sit there waiting to get permission to return. Frustrating to say the least. Just keep at it!

  3. Love the jacket.
    Don't sweat the weight. Since your clothes feel OK I bet it is just a temporary thing!

  4. Her full riding outfit must have been amazing, i'll bet kids are impressed .

    As for the gain, yes, salt can make you retain lots of fluid, as can certain times of the month. Sometimes up to five pounds of fluid.

    Also, there's the old, you do it all right and post a gain, the next week it all goes wrong and you lose. Our bodies never fully cooperate the way we think they should.

    Good luck with the doctor.

  5. Great looking shirt! Very unique. And yes I always seem to find the extra weight before I go to the doctor. The last doctor I went to I started the conversation with yes I know I am overweight and yes I know I need to exercise and watch what I eat so now you don't have to talk to me about my weight! He laughed and said he never had a patient start the exam that way!

  6. Oh that would've been so fun to look at and try on! I can imagine how heavy her gowns had to be with all the layers and jewels. Wow! I adore QEI.

    I bet it's just water retention or muscle mass, you're doing all the right things at least. I have yet to get into a good routine besides cleaning the house on Mondays. SAD!!! Keep up the good work!!


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