Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tank, turdless...

Sorry for the less than charming title, I couldn't think of a T word for bath, Rudee's too big for the tub.

But first, the tank!

I have big (about 3 by 4 or so foot.  Possibly larger), tanks, that were access for manholes in a former life.  2 are doing duty right now as tree nurseries.  The third one. Well, uh.  It looked kinda sad. 

So I spent a couple hours digging down to the base of the tank, and getting all the dirt out.  The goal is to refill it with loam, compost and sand, and plant carrots.  This is in the Plant Jail Fenced Garden Area, so with any small amount of luck, I will get carrots this year.  I have read on it, I have checked with the local extension agency, and so with minor fear and trepidation   a head full of information, I will be putting good soil in, and getting good carrots out!  (Maybe this year, Dad!)

So, this is what I ended up with.  (Ta Da!)

I figure I will leave it open to the ground, maybe I can get some earthworms to wander up and say hi!

As for the turd?  That is what our dog has smelled like for some time now.  He gets away from me, and then rolls himself silly in (mostly) llama poop.  It is not exactly my favorite odor, and he just can't understand why I am not pleased when he comes back smelling of poo, even to the point of having beans stuck to his fur...


 So, today, with it being very warm, and sunshiny, the dog was going to get a bath. 

He so adores them, can you tell?
(The leash?  It's tied to the bumper of the truck, so he can't move.)

Houston, we have liftoff!

At LAST, they stopped abusing me! 
I think I drank MOST of the water...

The other T for today was Thank You, went to a breakfast for the volunteers at the Sheriff's Office.  It was nice.  I was sort of chuckling, one of my bosses keeps saying I am an "Undercover Rocker", because I show up looking as professional as possible, but listen to rock music (I keep it down...) during my shift.  Well, I wore my Petty shirt today, and she cracked up, "no, you are most definitely not undercover today!" 

Mom and I were sitting by a group of deputies, and one or two folks I didn't recognize, one looking like he might work as a bouncer or some such.  That one gave me the laser eye after the "undercover" comment.  Didn't get the chance to talk on it with him.  Then at the end of the breakfast, the sheriff introduced all the deputies, and this was a deputy who was being promoted.  The comment was that he had to shave, because he... (wait for it), wasn't going to be working undercover narcotics any more! 

I let him know about the rocker comment afterwards, and he started laughing.  With your boss, he said, it could have meant ANYTHING!  Then he made a big show of looking around, she didn't hear me, did she?  She might whack me one!  (Yeah, sure you are terrified...) 

So, that was fun.

So, I hope all of you had a good day, and...

Ta ta!


  1. Glad you had fun, even if Rudee didn't enjoy his part of the day. My sympathy on animals that stink -- kittens do too, until they are fully potty trained and quit messing on each other.

  2. Your posts always give me such a good laugh! hahahhaha llama poop? seriously? with beans stuck to the poor pooch? What do you feed llamas? I obviously missed something. lol
    Happy Easter, Cat!!

  3. Great recycling with the tank! My recycling this year is an old stone water trough that is making a home for lettuces!!

  4. messymimi:

    It's been long enough that I had think about that, yes, they can stink, I ended up washing some of ours that had lost a Mama, as they sort of had an "air" about them, and hadn't a clue how to clean themselves.


  5. KnitNurd:

    Llama Poop is called beans. Although, with this bunch, I wouldn't put it past them to eat pintos or garbanzos... But yes, the term for llama droppings are beans. In fact a nearby llama farm is "Hill of Beans Farm", with the logo of a llama on a pryamid pile of poo...


  6. The Dream:

    Ooooh, gotta see the pics of that when it gets big, the stone will make a nice contrast to the green (?) lettuces. I will try and remember to take the pics of my (pleasepleaseplease) successful plot...


  7. just what is the appeal of rolling in stinky things? i wish i could read a dog's brain sometimes. my dog gets all squirrel after a bath and runs full tilt around the house or yard. it's pretty comical. when it's cold, she loves when i use the blow drier on her. luckily, we are sans llama beans.

    best of luck with your carrot jail!

  8. bon bon:

    According to Husband, the reason is that dogs want to smell "benign", so they can sneak up on prey (wolves do the same thing). I guess the deer thinks, Oh, I smell poop, nothing's wrongAAAACK!

    Or something like that...



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