Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birds, brush, and buzzing about.

 We have new chicks!  I want to show you them...  But this is Taurus.  She is not going to give way to let me take any pictures. 

And since Husband and I have nearly lost parts of our persons trying to transfer her to the 'new digs', I decided that she can sit there, I will take a picture of the chicks later.  If we counted right, there are 6.  I will confirm that later.  When I won't lose a finger...

I thought we had some new birds over at the neighbors.  It had been raining, and I kept seeing orange 'birds' in the the trees.  I could NOT figure out what kind of bird 'round here would be orange.  And they never went to ground. 


Then I got out the binoculars.  And realized there was a logging clean up crew next door.  So, now my neighbor is delighted to know she has "Orange Headed Timber Trimmers" in her trees... Yeesh. (And I just bought some glasses, folks!)

Orange Headed Timber Trimmers in their natural habitat...

In other news, I do not have gooseberries.  I have Wild Hawthorn.  And I was told that it needs to be treated like Scotch broom, or it will spread and be as obnoxious. Groan... 

I am half tempted to see if I can get a burn permit!  (That won't happen, Oregon has all but outlawed field burning. Sigh...)  So, I guess I will be getting more upper body workouts, because I will be doing a lot of cutting brush. 

Unless Husband decides to help. 

I love my husband, but he can be the largest pain in the... ahem.  He is really having problems with his eyes, he is highly allergic to pollen from whatever that is blooming right now.  I came back to get a saw to cut brush, as some of the stuff was larger than my wrist.  Some bigger than my upper arm.  So what did he do?  AFTER I ASKED HIM NOT TO, he goes up the hill with a chain saw and cuts down the stuff.  It was a help, I admit, but he then paid for it for several hours with swollen eyes, and needing to put a washcloth over his face to keep the swelling to a minimum.  He doesn't want ME to use the blasted saw, though, I could hurt myself. 

(He has this @#$%@ pink and blue job thing, and while I love the man, this drives me up and back down the proverbial tree!) 

I also found out I am the slightly surprised new owner of a (sorta) new washer.  He'd traded the in-laws out of a dryer (that WORKS! HAPPY DAYS! I can dry a load of pants in less than 3 hours!!!)  So, he says he wants to look at getting a matching washer.  Uh. My washer is fine.  I can look around if you want, but just need a new faucet for the cold water.  Oh, no, no, no, we must get a new, MATCHING washer. 


Yes, folks, that is my Husband's attitude.  He wants them to be the same age (which sort of makes sense, I guess), and that they MATCH, (which makes no sense at all to me, dang it, the washer isn't the PROBLEM!!)

So the next day, I told Mom we'd to to some places to look at washers.  I called that afternoon, letting Husband know I was shopping, and did we need anything?

Oh, yeah, some milk, and by the way, we will be getting the washer Wednesday.

What washer???

I found one at Xityx's Shop through Craig's List.

Oh.  Well, I guess we don't have to go look for washers...  (I've noticed I have been getting a strange tic of late, I have no idea where it's come from...)

I will be having some Ambassador duties coming up soon, so I will be able to tell you about the great and mystic secrets of people watching as a Law Enforcement Representative.  (And get this, I get to go fishing!  More on that later...)

I am also going to be doing a presentation for my Renaissance group for another school.  I am not overly looking forward to it, only because it's a year end thing, so I know the kids will be as focused as a broken projector lens.  But, I will get paid, so that's a plus. 

And I get to watch the Indianapolis 500 with Dad, that's cool.  Our one big sporting day together.  We compare drivers, stats, strategies, eat breakfast, and I knit.  This works until the last few laps.  I have painfully learned to put down my knitting, or I either stab myself with a needle, or manage to pull out looots of stitches when I yell at the television...

So, posts will show up a bit later, but if I am not on as often, I am still thinking of my blog friends.  (A note on that, I have been trying to write responses on people's posts, but Blogger won't let me put them on.  I will keep trying, though!)


  1. matching washer and dryer? that's fancy talk! i've been waiting 30 years for a matching stove and refrigerator! ha!

  2. Glad the chicks hatched! But i'm sorry about the non gooseberries.

    When my Sweetie wants to "help", i often send him on a quick errand to distract him. That might not work for you, if you live too far from places to run quick errands to.

    Enjoy all your upcoming activities, i'm looking forward to reading about them.


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