Friday, July 01, 2011


I am catching up on my blogging 'stuff'.  Told you the next blog was about bees.  Well, see the little hole where the rag is?

What you can't see (I couldn't take a picture fast enough), was all the bees that suddenly swarmed into the hole.  This wouldn't have been too big of problem, except that we have a shop on the other side of that hole!  And poor Husband walked in, and just saw hundreds of bees all over.

We have a friend that is a bee keeper, and called him right away.  He came over, took out a "super" (the bee box), and stuffed it behind the hole.  Then discovered, even with a ladder, some tape, and a half dozen other jury riggings, it wouldn't stay close enough to the hole to get the bees to go in.  Soo, Husband, being the good person he is, (and wanting the bees gone), sawed out some of the boards, so they could fit the super in the hole snugly.
I decided that staying in the house was probably the better idea after taking this picture.  I was standing still, and it looked like someone was throwing gravel past my face.

I left.

So, the next day, we went outside, and the bees didn't seem to like the accommodations, as they had left the super, and went to our big Sequoia tree in the yard, looking like a big ball of bees.  Our friend came over, carefully took down the super, walked it over to the tree, and just dumped the bees in all over again!

After that, he took the bees home.  He put them in the back of his truck, and I guess that the super has a door, or something, that keeps the bees from getting out temporarily, but I could just imagine if he had to open the back of the truck for some reason, this wave of bees exploding out.  But... They are now at the new place where our friend took it, and they seem to have settled down and decided to be in the super.

Now Husband just has to fix the wall...


  1. I would have stayed in the house for sure!!!!

    Good thing you had your friend coming!!!


  2. Good Job! I would have been frantic and wouldn't have minded boards gone, just to get rid of them. Some bees flitting around is one thing, moving in? Not fun!

  3. Free honey is all well and good, but not in the workshop! Have they no sense of propriety?

    Have a great weekend and a fabulous Fourth.

  4. Oh wow, that must have been scary and exciting, all at the same time. I can see why you wouldn't want them in the shop, but, I'm very glad that you had a friend who could come and take them away to a safe new place. They're such good little workers, and such happy pollinators.

  5. bee recycling! way to go!!


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