Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Writing, old school style

I decided to present part of my blog entry a bit differently today, because of comments that were given me recently...
While my writing should be legible, my photography... Well, I hope it is okay...

In other blogging:

I have FINALLY planted my garden, pics up soon, (Husband deserves an award this year, the stuff was a grassy mess, and while we were out there, he churned up a six inch square iron plate!  (We have found lots of odd stuff, in fact, the previous owner gave us a "welcome" gift of two bottles that I have sitting on my kitchen window sill, that HE found while gardening.)

The bees in the aforementioned blog are doing nicely, so says our friend, they have built up comb and are starting to make honey.  (Yay!)

I took time off last week, it was Husband and my 20th anniversary.  We decided to have some "us" time.  He told the people he worked for that he was going "on vacation" and wouldn't be available to work, I told my volunteer groups that I wasn't going to be there, and found subs where I needed to, and...

We just stayed home!  We even sort of curtailed computer use (hence not a lot o' blogging).  We read books,  we did chores around the house with and for each other, we worked on setting up the garden... And Husband decided we needed new bookshelves.  I truly believe this was self defense.  I have a lot of books.  Let me rephrase that.  I have a big, honking, huge pile of books that really needed someplace to be other than the side of the hall, stacked like an avalanche hazard... So he bought 2 new bookshelves, which he said were "mine", and he claimed the old one as "his".

Of course, you realize this meant I had to remove all of my books and load them up on the new shelves, and getting them in some semblance of order.  And Husband wanted all the "nice" books closest to the front room, where people could see them.  (Meaning all my paperbacks were relegated to the second bookshelf, hidden away from general viewing...)

 Okay, there are some movies and DVD's too, but that's only like ONE shelf... Well, and he wanted to have the Polish vase, and a red glass float, and this... picture of me... Everyone likes this picture... EXCEPT me... on the shelves, but it still held all my books, with a smidgen of space left.  I have to start reading faster!!!

But, we had a quiet dinner out for our anniversary, and we read, I knit, Husband worked on the boat, I gardened, we walked, we chatted, I cooked, we cleaned stuff...

In short, we decided to just be together for awhile, without distractions.

It was sooo cool!  We might just have to do it again!!

(And on another note, I think that I will be able to comment on other's blogs, and respond on my own blog now, I have tested it a couple times, it seems to be working.  It was the suggestion of using Google Chrome that did it, and darn if I can find which of my blog buddies suggested it.  But if you did, thank you!  If you didn't, thank you for putting up with my griping!!)


  1. Your handwriting is lovely! I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people are printing! You have to pick the pen or pencil up for each stroke, with cursive, well, it's a whole lot faster! It's easy, nothing like Japanese or something!

    What a wonderful idea, taking a vacation from the world! How very cool! A great anniversary gift to yourselves as well!

    Have a good night now!

  2. Your handwriting is lovely, and easy to read, on top of that. That's a skill that is getting rarer and rarer these days.

    Glad you and your DH had some quality time together.

  3. Your anniversary idea is a winner for certain. More time just being with and doing for each other. Wow.

    It's great that the bees seem happy.

    As for handwriting -- yes, it is a dying art. One teacher i know, who still used such things, talked about a 3rd grader she was tutoring who was quite impressed to see a real chalkboard, and begged to be able to use it. In her school, each child has a laptop on his/her desk, and the teacher writes on her computer and it appears on the laptop, no boards needed. None of them learn handwriting much, just typing and print.

  4. Yup, your handwriting is beautiful... and I do think that it is a dying art. We, especially our younguns, spend far too much time typing. My handwriting is pretty bad. I used to get terrible marks in 'penmanship' when I was a kid. However, in college, while studying education, I knew that I needed to have impeccable handwriting as a teacher - so I would practice while taking notes. I can perform perfect Zaner-Bloser cursive... if I want to take the time to do so!

  5. I loved this blog
    simple and so efffective cat

  6. Sharon:

    I agree, I find it much faster when I use cursive, verses printing. And yes, it was so nice not to be in a rush somewhere!


  7. Louise:

    Thanks! And yes, we had a very nice "vacation".


  8. messymimi:

    Yes, I think we will have to do so again!

    And I wonder about the idea of computers to do all the work in a classroom, do they go home from school if the power fails on a computer? (shrug)


  9. Dreaming:

    Well, I shall endeavor to keep writing, so I will get more compliments! I don't know what the standard was in grade school, I just remember I didn't do writing well until much later, high school, perhaps. Ironically, I studied to be a teacher, and like you, realized I would need to have readable handwriting. Then I never finished to become a teacher, so my writing has mostly been for myself!


  10. John Gray:

    Thank you!



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