Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Computers, Karma, and really strange doings in the garden...

So.  I was sitting quietly, reading a magazine, when the phone rang.  Husband was expecting a call, and launched for the phone.  I continued reading, until he looked at the 

He never will answer when the reader says "COUNTY SHERIFF". Well, actually, there aren't enough spaces, so it says "COUNTY SHE".  None the less, he will hand me the phone without clicking on.  So, hoping it didn't already go to the "Sorry we missed your call...". 

It turned out to be my boss, who was not quite frantic.  She told me the computer that I use had died.  Not only had it died, it had died in a quite showy way, with smoke, attempted immolation, and generally trying to make its demise really noticeable.

Why is this important? 

Because the newsletter they hand out all over the county, which I type up... Was on that computer.  She was asking if I had time to type it up again.  I told her I didn't think it would be a big deal.  I guess I didn't sound properly panic-stricken, as she remarked, you do realize we have lost ALL the information, right?

I said, no, for once, I am ahead of the game.  I have several of the bit 'n blurbs we use on MY computer, at least two of the people send me stuff "old school" (i.e. pen and paper version), and the only thing we might need to redo is a picture on the front page that hadn't been sent to me yet.  Then I had a thought.  My boss tends to be... Um... very specific about her wants.  She'd had me print out the newsletter the week before. 

I mentioned this.

There was a pause, where I swear I heard angels singing...

She said, yes, and I think I can even find it on my desk!  Little longer, some noise of paper being rapidly shuffled, and she piped up, hey, all we need is... (pause) Xville's blurb, and YTown's blurb, and we should have it.

Ok, said I, who is the person I need to get on about that?


Uh.  It's coming to your inbox, now...

I was pleased.  My karma must have been paid up for the week, or something.  I am now trying to convince the printer to print out the now finished documents, and after some Old School Cut and Paste, (now with real paste!), I will have it ready to give to the various Senior And Law enforcement Together (SALT) groups tomorrow.  (And the one printer is indeed cooperating.  It took a little longer for the copier, but now it is FINISHED, and in my boss' hand!  Yaaaay!!!)

So.  I asked about the computer they were going to replace the old one with.  I am just now getting sorta maybe kinda possibly the hang of Windows 7, a little.  The boss replied they will be updating, and I am getting worried.  I didn't even recognize the program she mentioned. 

I think I will talk about my garden now, so I don't start curling up in fetal position and whimpering...

I noticed that some of my crookneck was getting real large in a very short time.  Hmm.  (Oh, I was going to put a picture here of the crookneck "tree", but it fell over before I could take my picture.  Sorry.)  So, I look at the crooknecks, and then I look over at my pumpkins.

Oh. Uh, oh, crap.  I forgot and planted the two way too close together.  I had bees that were very industriously combining the two, and I was ending up with ginormous lumpy yellow crookneck.  And I was ending up with some oddball mutated pumpkins. 

Again, hmm.

So I pondered.  Threw some of the monsters to the chickens, after cutting them open.  The chickens LOVE 'em!  So does one of the llamas.  Great!  Then I thought about the pumpkins.  Well, they are Big Max. The kind that win big pumpkin awards?  I am going to let a couple two or three of the mutants grow, and I intend to use the crookneck as a face, the "neck" will be a lumpy ol' witch's nose, and I will get to have some fun seeing what else I can come up with for the other one. 

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my new computer, I have named Baby Hal. 

Just so you know.  Sharon mentioned another name, but I am actually getting along with it, for now, and I already named my cell phone something close to her moniker.  (We both seem to have some problems with our respective machines...)


  1. Ummm... wow. You have had quite the computer stories lately. Rarely do you hear of one with a good ending though, especially when the machine goes down in such flaming glory.

    Secondly, I'm confused. Unless your squash and pumpkin crossed LAST year, and you saved seed from one of them that you planted THIS year... you shouldn't have an issue. Even if they cross, the fruits will be true. It's saving the seed from those that will cause you mutants the following year.

  2. Can I borrow some of your good Karma? I mean, now, I really need some. I am having so much trouble with blogger, well, anyway, if you have any extra please send it on over here.

    Would really love to see your mutants. Sound kind of cool! Wonder about the taste, might be good...

    I do hope Baby Hal gets to keep it's name. :-)

  3. Jess:

    Yessss, I seem to have had a lot of "fun" with computers of late.

    And yes, I agree, the plants should be fine, but I will have to take a photo, there is normal pumpkins, and right by them are very obviously a crookneck cross! And since both were from fresh, unsaved seed... ???


  4. Baby Hal -- yep, i'm suspicious of the things still also. And every time something updates, i downdate a little i think. Now we know why there will never be that paperless society they promised us. We need hard copy back up.

    Hope you have fun with the mutants, and still get plenty that's edible for you.



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