Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good things... And feeling really newbie.

The old computer has nearly had it.  I have tried my best to get all the 'glitches' out of it, but I suspect, between operator error and just plain it-was-bought-used, it was sort of on borrowed time.  I was borrowing Husband's computer to check my email, and otherwise, not doing much.  It would overheat, I think it may have some hardware problems, definitely had some software problems, and absolutely had operator problems. (Just ask Husband...)

So, Husband had been doing some of his horse trading, and came up with some funds.  He told me to get a computer THAT WORKED...  I will have to save up for a couple things I would like (MS Office, that sort of thing), but it works!  I also know that I better run the wheels off this thing, so to speak, this wasn't a planned expense, and while he didn't begrudge me getting it, I think he would have liked to do something else with the money.  But, I have the computer, and it works.

Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  It has Windows 7, and I don't quite know where anything is, or how to access it if I want something, and setting up the email has been interesting.  I know that I probably could do brain surgery as easily as I did putting in the email.  (Let's just say, I finally handed Husband the computer, and sat quietly.  He figured out I made no major mistakes, but I did, as usual, make enough to make the thing not work.  Of course...)

And.  Hmm.  I suppose I won't divulge names.

I have 2 members of my family going through some medical 'stuff'.  If I could have good thoughts for them, I would most truly appreciate it.  And for my parents and myself, who are in "hurry up and wait" mode.

So, if any of you get messages from me, it will be a sign that I am starting to make friends with my computer.

I am planning to name the thing, so I will have to figure out some fun thing for that on the blog.

 (The name Hal need not apply...)


  1. So glad you now have a computer again! Windows 7, aah, fun! They don't even come with a book! I know that a few clues would have been helpful, when I got mine. My Windows 98 and I were chums, this thing, not so much, I call it the son of a _itch, rotten piece of bleep! At least once a day.

    Medical things, family, thoughts, gotcha!

    Good luck with the thing!

  2. Sending good thoughts to your family members, and calming thoughts to those waiting.

    Glad you're back! Kinda sorta back? ;)

  3. Good wishes for your family, and you, certainly coming from my neck of the woods. I hope you figure out this new computer quickly. I bet you'll have all kinds of fun with it, once you do.

  4. Ugh, the tyranny of computers. My husband can do a lot with computers, but not everything, and not always timely. When he was out of the country, I took our several-years-old desktop computer in to ChipHeads to deal with the slow and freezing issues. He can handle it better if he is not around the watch the $$ slip out the door. Of course, I still had my MacBook, my smart phone, my iPod Touch, and my iPad, so I was not without internet. Yeah, the tyranny of computers.

  5. Congratulations on the new computer!

    Praying for your family members, and the rest of you as you wait.

  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I have been having computer issues as well, I can't even comment on my own blog! I have to reply to folks as anonymous.

    Happy to see you back up and I will add a prayer for your family from here.

    Chai Chai

  7. Oh dear. Sounds like one of those things that you have to struggle through to get to a better place in the end. How awesome that your hubby is so supportive!

    Sending prayers out for your family members medical issues.

  8. Thank you all for your good thoughts. so far, the one family member is improving, the other, I haven't heard from.

    I am still working on figuring out the computer... I think it's winning...



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