Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Christmas, and the fruitcakes are in bloom...

I couldn't decide if this was funny, or just mental.  Or, possibly, both.

In Jantzen Beach Center, in Portland, OR, there was a man attacking people that were Christmas shopping...

With a Star Wars Light Saber. 

I have this image of the guy making the "whoosh" sounds as he conks someone...  Fortune had it, no one was hurt.  However, if you click on the above link, there are some really funny comments about Jedi, Star Wars, et al.

Here's hoping your Holiday Shopping is much less eventful.

(And if you are a total Star Wars geek, he used a Rebel Alliance blue, not the Dark Side's red saber.  Like that makes a difference, in this case...)


  1. Of course if you are a fan it makes a difference! This is one of those "it's funny when you think back on it" kind of things. At the time it's a bit scary.

    Fruitcakes in bloom -- if you mean like some of the people i know, well, they are blooming all the time.;)


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