Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finger lickin' good? Um...

Went to feed this morning again.  I don't know what was going on, but I seemed to be on the menu!

I took the hay out, and the llamas met me at the gate.  I put the hay in the bins close by, and Llama walked up.  I patted her, then said I didn't have anything for her, holding up my hand.  She then walked over, and started sucking my fingers like a calf!  This was odd.  I carefully removed my hand, and she just walked over and started on the OTHER hand.  Okay...

After removing my now somewhat gooey digits from her mouth, I started for the gate.  I looked down to see Toni reaching for my fingers, too!  But, she smelled Llama on my hands, and quickly backed off, with a disgusted look.  I quickly let myself out, locked the gate, and put my hands down...

Whereupon, Rudee decided that I needed my fingers washed!

I have not a clue why the llamas would be interested in my fingers... Rudee is always licking me, so that wasn't a big surprise, but it was sure unique having a llama nibble.  (For any worried about my being bitten, llamas don't have upper teeth, just a hard, gum covered plate.  They have long, horse like bottom teeth, but again, they aren't particularly sharp.)

So, I guess I was tasty this morning!


  1. Hmmm... I wonder what that was about?! Interesting!

  2. Well I learnt something new today....I didn't know that about Lamas. Good to know...maybe that's why they spit instead...lol

  3. Maybe she thought holding your hand up you were offering your fingers? Or she was just being super friendly this morning? Our goats used to do that sometimes. Nice that Rudee was there to give you a wash.

  4. Maybe they were just making sure it was really you, since you've been AWOL so long.


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