Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dishes and a t-shirt.

I have been doing some pre-spring cleaning, and I decided to do something about the mess that I had in my cupboard.  I had several different types of tea, and it was scattered, some in boxes, some not, some in ones and twos, some just sitting on the shelf.  So.  What to do.

I had these dishes, that I had not been using, for anything. (Mom later told me they were for leftovers...)  The clear one is from one Grandma, the yellowy green ones from my other Grandma.  So, I put the 'everyday tea' in the clear container, the caffeinated in the top yellowy one, and the onesies and twosies are in the larger green container.  (The green bag is a hoarded bit of Typhoo tea from a friend.  She's gone, but she got me onto this tea, and so I keep it around for special tea occasions.  Like when I want it...) So, I am pleased, it looks organized, I have a use for the containers, they aren't just taking up space, and well, it's more "family" stuff I can use in the house.  I am odd that way, I like to have things that I can say, oh, that was X person in the family.

This shirt is a world traveler.  Husband received a t-shirt at work, when you buy parts from this company, after X amount, you get a free t-shirt.  He took it, but really didn't want it.  I said I would wear it for around the house.  I asked about the symbols on the front (sorry, forgot the photo, catch it later), and it was 3 of the major products the company sells in a very stylized design.  Then Husband mentioned it was an Israeli company.
Uh, huh...    

Not being able to read Hebrew, I assume that it says 100% Cotton, and maybe Made in China? Heck, I don't know, it could be washing instructions.  Or, here be dragons, for all I know...

But this is a shirt from a company in Israel, made in China, came to Oregon, and is now mine.   Wish I had the frequent flyer miles!


  1. It is nice to be able to use family stuff. It makes me feel connected to the generations.

    That shirt story is funny; i wonder what it would say about where it has been, if it could talk.

  2. I agree. And yes, could you imagine what it would say about getting in and out of the various places?


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