Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ugli... but in a good way.

I am not a "yarn snob".  I like to knit with almost anything, and I have tried knitting with things that wouldn't be normally considered yarn.  (Caution tape, anyone?)  I have friends who know this, and give me yarn they don't want, which is nice, because it can normally go for charity projects.  I think some of my friends give it to me for exactly that reason...  

Well, sometimes, there are oddball colors, "orphans" of only one, or less than one skein, and just things that I don't have any good use for.  So. I have, quite literally, 3 boxes or so of this.  Large boxes.

What to do...

When I was working, some bit ago, I got the idea to make a scrap blanket.  Husband and I worked at the same place, so I would ride with him.  I took the blanket with me, so I had something to do while riding.  One of the gals I worked with asked me about the blanket.

I told her that it wasn't really a pattern.  It consisted of: choose how many stitches you want to work, choose a short border (however, I made mine a bit TOO short, and it rolls...), and use at least three yarns together when you knit.  I mean, vague is the word of the day with this blanket...  She looked at it, then asked me what I called it.

What I called it?  She replied, yes, what's the name of your pattern?


As I mentioned, it's less of a pattern than a kinda-sorta idea.  So I had no name.  I told her this, and it irked her mightily.  I told her that it was just a general-purpose-use-up-yarn blanket.  She kept bugging me for a name, and so I blurted out, "It's an Ugly Blanket!"

That irked her, too.  She informed me that it wasn't ugly, and I needed a better name.  I had been to the store recently, and had seen a bit of produce called an Ugli fruit, (tastes pretty good, too),  and so I told her that it was not Ugly with a y, but Ugli with an i, so it was special.  (Not that I cared, but it was getting somewhat on the ridiculous side for a thing that wasn't a big priority for me to begin with!)  

This seemed to satisfy her pestering me inquisitiveness on the subject, and I continued to knit on the blanket for a while, until I stepped down from my job, and set the blanket aside.

And... lost it in the Area 51 that WAS my craft room.

Well, I had a lot of help, (Thanks, Mom, thanks, Husband) and now have a craft room that I can use.  And I found the blanket again.  I am not going to knit on it at the moment, since yesterday was about 75+ degrees, with I swear nearly that in humidity, so I wasn't inclined to work on it. At all.  But I have decided that it is sort of nice, in a mindless sort of way, and not too bad looking, so I might work on it this fall.

For the new people on my blog, this is my fashion model.  He is Buc, short for Butt Ugly Cat.  Husband despises this toy, I am not sure why.  So he is my "craft room buddy", along with some gargoyles, a toy llama, and a red mouse that could double as a footstool.

Me, eccentric? Why do you ask?


  1. Umm...that cat's a bit creepy, but I like that he's protecting the blanket cuz I would certainly come and use it. Love it.

    Yeah, the heat and humidity isn't too nice here in Sacramento but it's just priming me for my return home (back 2 Houston in 30 days).

  2. Actually, i like it. Great use for odds and ends.

  3. Are you sure Buc is male? Ted thinks she's cute.

  4. Ok, I love that blanket,but don't worry, I will ask no questions regarding it!

  5. I am developing quite a stash of odds and ends myself. What to do! What to do!

  6. I've done this before and sometimes these "patterns" come out looking pretty good.

    New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


  7. I think he is cute. I am not a knitter but I love to listen to other knitters maybe I am a knitter want to be:) B

  8. I wish I could knit. Looks like Buc is protecting his Ugli blanket.

  9. Not sure I like the cat but the blanket is wonderful!


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