Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple pie.

Told Husband I was going to make a pie.  This is the way it went.
(Not shown, yesterday, I picked apples.)

Cored, and ready to 'clean up' and cut.

Cut and ready to add pie spices.

Pie spices.
I always find it odd that lemon juice is part of this.

Bought pie crust.
Gets the job done.


Ready for the oven.
Test drive for MIL's glass plate she gave me.

Ready to make the house smell good!

Chickens like peelings.
Roosters seem to think they are decorative...

Seemed to come out okay...

Husband says, Yep, tastes good!
(Wife tried some too, yeah, not bad.)

So, there was a better part of an afternoon.  Hope yours was good!


  1. Mmmm.... I think I can smell it here!

    1. Husband came in and made like he was floating around on the aroma, so maybe you did!!! ;D


  2. I love homemade pies because store bought ones are too sweet.

  3. My fiance loves apple pie while I prefer cherry pie (and also the song of the same name by "Warrant"). Sadly, with it just the two of us, we rarely agree on making an entire pie, thus we run down to the German bakery and buy 4 little pies, 2 apple and 2 cherry. While they are also homemade, I miss what you spoke about, the house smelling good. Your pie looks delish!

  4. Ours involved nervous waiting for an important package. Yours sounds much better.

  5. Home-made applie pie - nothing beats it. It looks delicious. Have a great weekend and more pie!!

  6. Oh apple pie! I never make it because nobody else in our house eats neve occurred to me to just make a smaller pie, as I can cut that roll of crust however I'd like...thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oh I would love a piece of that pie. I can also smell it. B

  8. Yummy! And timely, since apples will be cropping (har har) up here pretty soon!


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