Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Still knitting. Just not what I said...

I did start with the blue yarn, and I was knitting the Tardis scarf. I carried it about, knitting frantically with each bit of "butt-time" when I was not doing typing or something. Took it to the substation. Took it to my spinning group, took it darn near everywhere.


When I was home, sitting quietly, I got up, didn't realize the yarn was tangled 'round my foot, and tore out the biggest part of the Tardis... the lace part. After some very unlady-like language, I tried to repair it. No dice, I am going to have to start over. So I checked with Team Sherlocked on the rules for Power Screw Ups, and they said, just go on, and get things done!

 Ergo, here is "Daydreams of Sherlock". It is nearly half finished. I hope with a bit of luck to get it finished before the flame is extinguished! (And maybe a lemon, too, but that's another project. If you don't know what the lemon is about, see here, under "Qikiqtarjuaq".)

When finished, this will have a fringe, and I intend to have some beads, but for now, the knit is on! Or afoot!  Whatever, I am gonna still be power knitting... And hopefully not tangling up in yarn again...

In other news, I have been walking again.  Husband has pretty much asked me not to go on the hill, except during dry weather (right now counts...), unless I have my phone, and he'd really prefer I go up on the 4 wheeler.  So, I walk on the road in front of our house.  I have gone from .5 of a mile, when I first started (remember, I was "learning" to walk after my broken leg, and building up stamina again), to today's marker.


I think I have been doing this for... I would have to check, but school was still in session, so April? May?  So, that part is good.  What isn't so good, I've not lost much weight.  I was grumbling about this, when Husband, in his very delicate way (I am not being sarcastic), said that he'd noticed I was eating more, maybe my appetite had increased with the increase of exercise?  I didn't know, and said, when was I eating more.  He mentioned several recent meals where he had x, I had x, plus a sandwich, or an extra slice of cheese, or some such. 



So, I gave him permission to be the (very POLITE) Food Police, and point out if I am scarfing food down more like a starving teen than a dieting... not-a-teen.  He has been pretty good about it, actually asking if I want some tea when I say I am hungry.  (No, but I do get the tea.  Let's face it, tea doesn't add to the waistline...)  So, with tea, and extra walking, I lost 2 pounds last week.  Now hopefully I can lower that, and get back to where I was before the stupid broken leg.

More news, further down the scarf... 

Laters!  (Heh.)   


  1. Your husband accepted the role of Food Policeman for you? And I thought he was a smart guy.

  2. Mishaps like that tend to make me want to just go somewhere that i can scream at the top of my lungs. It doesn't change anything, but it can make me feel better if i can do it.

    Congratulations on the walking and the weight loss! Your husband is a rare gem, being tactful about it all.

  3. Way to go!! (the walking not the tearing out) I have been trying to up my exercise too. Swimming mostly in the mornings and then the garden produce keeps on flowing in so it must be dealt with - whose idea was it to plant so many @&$*&@ zucchini!!!!??? Oh yeah, right, guilty. But I didn't think they would be quite this prolific! I wanted to freeze up some and I have and I have put it in everything and still they come. Yes, I have taken several sacks into work and some have disappeared that way. I would like to keep my job though so I have skipped a couple days.

  4. Stephen: I said I gave him permission. I didn't say he took it. He is smarter than that! Heh...


  5. Messymimi: Um. Have you been hiding around my house someplace? Let's just say that Husband knows when I am... irked... beyond civil tones. And yes, Husband can be really nice. Occasionally totally clueless, but he's nice more than he's clueless, so it works out.


  6. nynn: Thanks! And Zukes. Yes, you know it's zuke season, when you start talking about "hey would you like some?" and people start getting these funny eye twitches, and walking backwards from you like you have been skunk sprayed...

    (Oh, and another good way to get rid of zukes is mail boxes. At night. Not near your house...)




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