Monday, October 15, 2012

Whoa... No, really. Whoa!

I was going to write a blog today.  Google decided that I didn't have the right security clearance, and wouldn't let me in.  After a virtual kick in the butt tune up and password change (AGAIN), the blog is finally in the "we can write it" stage... (BAH!)

Anywho, I am, I think, into the somewhat slower mode of life, finally.  Some by choice, some not, but I haven't been really able to be just sitting much of late.  Well, except for a little while before the colonoscopy, but it really wasn't condusive to blogging... Ahem. 

In the last month or so, I was helping with faire.  This year I actually enjoyed it, I was able to get out and PLAY.  Which means I told silly, risque' jokes and stories to vendors and went to see various performers that I wouldn't normally get to see, since I had to man a booth myself...  I even bought myself a big, black ostrich feather for my hat.  I still have to make an attachment so it stays on, but I figure it will be a show (off) for what would otherwise be a very bland grey hat.  (Husband laughs, as I collect feathers, and he says at this point I probably could make a war bonnet of turkey feathers...)

I took Mom camping for a late birthday present, that was fun.  We were in a local campground, and I was amazed at how many people wanted to look at the trailer.  Even talked to a gent that had recently bought a similar trailer, and wanted to know what mine was like, to get an idea how to fix his (it sounded like it had been left just to sit, and needed some TLC...) 

Husband and I had been doing the nasty, horrid stuff to prep for our exams, which made me cranky, irritable, and generally pretty much like I usually am, just more sluggish. (HA!)  Seriously, what we were doing was mostly either straight protein, or straight carbs. Not my idea of a great diet, and obviously, by my bleah reaction to it physically, the bod didn't think a whole lot of it, either.  But, we both went through it, and both got our clean (in more ways than one) bill of health, and Husband gets 10 years off for good behavior, I get 5.  (Previous family history means I get to go in early.  Yay...)

Fall is starting to descend.  I had needed a jacket for my walking a few times, and there was frost on the ground.  Now, we finally, but finally have MUCH NEEDED rain.  Let's just say it is highly unusual to have the grass sound like Rice Krispies when you walk through it, at this time of year. And Husband and I were sweating a fire starting...

Why, oh WHY do smokers use the road as an ash tray? I know of no vehicle that doesn't have some sort of ash tray.  We had good fortune, no fires, some areas nearby, not so much...

Things are starting to slow down somewhat... I am now able to get into the computer at the substation to blog. (Long story short, there were some volunteers that were downloading virus laden games, so everything is deleted from the computer as soon as you log off.  I didn't know this... Sigh...  So, now I know what to do to avoid it, so now I can type, and not have it disappear.)  

The in-laws came to visit, and we saw family both local and not quite so near.  My StepMom-in-law has such an... interesting... way of telling me things.  We had shown up for a dinner, and I asked how some of the family was doing that hadn't arrived yet.  "Oh, Uncle has broken a leg, and Aunt has lost most of her hearing, and (another) Uncle has huge water blisters, but they are all doing fine!"

(Ok, blog friends, if they are all fine, what in blazes would qualify as rotten???)

The garden is pretty well pooped out for the year, I had enough tomatoes for at least 3 or 4 families, and I have frozen quite a bit for myself for soups.  I have decided that one or two of the tomatoes I planted are not going to be repeats.  On a scale of 1 to 10 the consensus was "meh".  If they are that exciting, why bother?  The Oxheart tomatoes I grew did pretty well, as well as a few volunteers.  I thought the beets looked a bit strange when they came up...

So, in short, or maybe not so short, that is more or less most of what I've been up to.  I am going to try and be more bloggy. now that I am not continually on the go, or at least more picture-y, if possible...  And I will visit others blogs, now that I can sit for more than a few minutes at a time!

(Oh, and I am finishing a pink baby blanket for charity, too. Normally takes me about a month to make a baby blanket...  The time was closer to three and counting, for this one.  The charity is going to think I broke my OTHER leg.  Or arm. Or something...) 


  1. Glad you are back, thru security clearance,and healthy!

    1. Thank you! After all the nonsense, I am glad to be... normal... ish... again. At least normal for me.

  2. Man, the cigarette butt thing drives me INSANE!! One day I'm going to get out of my car, pick up the butt and toss it back in the widow of the arse that tossed it out.

    1. Works for me! I know I've yelled at drivers for flicking butts out the window. Unfortunantly it just gets me "the bird" most times...

  3. Your faire sounds like it was much more fun to go to this year -- i've never thought it right the people doing so much for such things didn't get to enjoy any of it.

    As far as the relatives doing well, i guess she meant as compared to being dead or in a coma or something.

    Glad your are back, and that the medical stuff checked out!

    1. It was fun, and since the vendors don't get to run around, it's a nice way to spend some time when they aren't busy. And yes, I do suppose that might be how she meant it, but she talks... uniquely... most of the time, so I just strip the occasional mental gear and continue on.

      And thank you!

  4. You sure know how to keep busy. I bet that's one pretty baby blanket.

    1. Sometimes more busy than I want! And I will try and get the photo up soon, when I have finished the trim. (with luck, the next day or two!)

  5. Wow I do not know where to start.
    Ostrich feather in Black so COOL. Taking Mom camping cool.
    Uncle and Aunt not cool.
    Virus really not cool.
    A good cleanout cool cause all was good but yikes.
    Take care and enjoy your feathers, you should see my tractor dash covered with Turkey feathers:) B

    1. I am glad to see I am on the cool scale for a change! ;D
      Oh, you should have a photo of that for your blog, I generally wear the feathers (after cleaning), either in my hair (small ones), or on my hat (big showy ones.)


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