Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well, Wednesday is my normal day at the Substation.

After a chat with one of the deputies, I took my normal spot at the desk.  Normal day, people wanting information, needing paperwork, boating books, things like that.

Totally normal.  It was busy, but it was nothing new.

Then the man came in with an odd look on his face.  I asked if he needed help, and he told me he had a gent that was in his car that was lost. I called dispatch, and we started trying to get an idea where he might have come from.

He'd been out walking he said, and just couldn't remember how to get home.  After asking his name, and if he knew his phone, address, and any stores or such close to his house... No.  Well, he DID know part of his address.  it was something 22 My Street.  Well, that narrowed it to only most of the streets in town... We figured out where he'd been when the man had picked him up, only to have him say he didn't recognize any of the houses the man went by as they drove to the sub. Then he started saying his wife must be frantic.   Well, that was something.  We tried to get an idea where he might have been going.

Oh, he was just walking for exercise.

Oh.  Great.  No wallet, or ID?  Nope, didn't think to bring it.

About then dispatch called, letting me know they had called the local police, and the senior housing nearby, no dice.  And that the deputy was about 3 minutes out.  We continued quizzing the gent, with not much better luck.

The deputy showed up, and asked if he had a doctor.  Well, he did, but couldn't remember the doctor's name.  He DID know it was a doc by the local hospital, which really did narrow it down to less than 10.  We'd just started to comb the phone book for doctors there, when dispatch called.

The wife had just reported her husband missing, and had given the address.  The deputy told the gent that he'd take him home.  He started out the door, and I told him, wait up, the deputy will give you a ride home.  He looked shocked, no, I don't want someone to think I am under arrest!  I told him, no, you are riding up front, shotgun, they will think you're a deputy.  He smiled at this, then I added, hey, besides, this is a fully chauffeured ride home.  That sold him, he grinned ear to ear as he left, as did the deputy...

I thanked the man who'd taken the time to bring him in, and he clasped my hands, and said "We all need help sometimes."

I just think it took someone kind of special to realize that.


  1. What a nice story! Yes, we all need help sometimes.

  2. If only all our days could be so "ordinary".

  3. It so nice to realise there are many kind people in the world willing to stop what they are doing to help somebody else. I am so glad you were able to reunite the gentleman with his wife.

  4. So true. I little kindness goes a long way.

  5. Always do someone a favor if you can, you never know when it will be your turn to need one. Nice story.

  6. Oh, what a sweet story - it grabbed my heart since my dad has gotten 'lost' in his retirement community before and needed help finding his way through the rabbit warren of halls!

  7. Oh my Mom has dementia and I hope someone will help her like that when and if needed. Sad. B


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