Wednesday, April 03, 2013

C. Chef's Story


 Morning is a time for action around our house.  I walk out, and the door to the hen house is closed.  Rudee, my dog, sometimes follows me into the yard.  I open the door, and chickens scatter out, clucking, flapping, flowing out around the dog like water around a rock. (If a rock wiggles...) I open the barrel, and all the chickens stream back into the house, eager for breakfast.  I take out a scoop of feed, and start tossing it out the door, scattering it along the doorway.  The chickens bolt back out the door, and start pecking as quickly as they can, and the clucking turns to ticking, as the little beaks grab every last bit.  Rudee looks around, and usually loses interest quickly.  He sits and waits for me by the gate, anxious to go out and play with his toy.

About this time the llamas come up to the fence, waiting for a handout.  I might oblige, I might not, depending on how much of a softy I am feeling that day. (Let's put it this way, they aren't underfed...)
I give the llamas a bit of sweet talk, if nothing else, and head back over to feed the cat, who is usually running to the feed bowl like the dog will eat her whole.  I take the feed out of the barrel, while she is mewing and head butting anything she can reach.  I put the food down, push the dog away, and the cat dives in.

Then I feed the dog.  I put the food in his bowl, and he waits until I tell him to eat. (We have taught him not to eat until we say so.)  He looks at the kibble, then looks at me.  Then he sighs, takes a bite.  A crunch, looks at his bowl, and then goes back into his house.

It's so hard cooking for gourmet tastes...

Chef's Story

For those of you who have been on my blog a while, you know me as Cat or, on some of the other websites I frequent, Knitcat.  I have used a cat as my avatar, but I wanted something a bit more fun.  So, I present, my new avatar:

It might be a bit large for some of the sites, but I think the point will still come across.  Amazingly, this only took about a day or so to knit.  I didn't work on it all the time, so it might  have taken less than that, but I didn't rush.  

Now that April is here, I will go back to some of my knitting for charity.  I am working on a simple blue baby blanket, probably some baby hats, if I can motivate myself.

Or maybe I can con the kitten into knitting it...


  1. Sounds like a fun way to start the day. I hope you get a decent breakfast as well. Love the knitcat!

  2. I have 5 horses staring at me as I type. They are telling me to stop reading blogs and get down and feed them. I'm late! As soon as I get half way to the barn, the cat will be there, head butting, like your's. Chef duties here, too!

  3. You described my cat's behavior in the morning perfectly! Stopping by from the A to Z.

  4. Love all the animals, that sounds like a lovely morning routine.

    And that cat is adorable- I am awed by your knitting skills!

  5. I love going to my sister's house and going to feed her horses in the morning. It's so peaceful to sit there in the barn and listen to them munch on grain.

  6. Love the new avatar and look forward to seeing more of it.

  7. What a cute avatar! And i know about the picky eaters, sometimes a chef just can't win.

  8. My goodness you sound busy! I love your knitted cat, its fun! Clever you.

  9. This sounds like a busy life! Enjoyed your post. Good luck with the rest of the A-Z challenge...

  10. Love the new avatar.....and the knitt'n kitt'n!

  11. Such a busy start to your day. Great avatar.


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