Monday, April 15, 2013

M. Makin' Some Noise.

My Dad and I go to volunteer dinners for one of the groups we belong to.  The latest one was a bit different.  For one thing, we were at a table by ourselves, usually we are with several other people.  Turns out, we'd sat at the table where the musicians were going to have dinner.

That was the other difference.  The gal that heads up the volunteers, Mrs. R, had hired music for the dinner and non-speaking parts of the evening.  After the opening items, we lined up for dinner, went back to our seat, and listened to the music.  Mrs. R decided we looked bereft sitting alone. (Dad and I were sitting together, but okay) So she ate dinner with us.

They were playing a tune, Dad decided it was Chet Akins, but didn't know the title.  I didn't know it either, nor did she.  We continued eating, and they started playing "Route 66".  I looked up, and said, "Oh, Route 66."  She looked like she was going to choke.
"You know this one?"
"Yes, I just bought the Bobby Troup version for my MP3."

I think that was the moment her eyes glazed over.  This is another group where the average age is... well, over 60 by at least a decade, and I am not too much over 45, so I am rather the puppy, comparatively.  When I mention songs, shows, etc., that I like, it can cause heavy confusion to some, I don't look the age or something to even know the 'stuff', let alone like it.

Mrs. R recovered enough that we had a nice conversation about the actual roadway named Route 66.  The group played "Love Potion Number 9", and I mentioned that, too.  By this time, Mrs. R was looking  rather approvingly at me.

She and Dad started commenting on how much they like that music, and why didn't they play more things like that, and not the modern stuff that was just noise.  I kept my mouth shut.

Considering I had also bought songs by Bliss & Eso, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Sheepdogs, and that my MP3 player has songs from as far back as the 30's, country songs, pop songs, rap, a little metal, Latin music, a bit of jazz, and on and on, I didn't really think I could say too much... (yes, I have eclectic tastes. Tom Petty is my musical first choice, but I listen to a lot of different music.)

Now I just have to figure out what to say to my friend in spinning class, that anything past  Niccolo' Paganini is garbage...

(Makin' Some Noise)


  1. Almost every style has at least some songs that i like, and i get those looks, too. Especially when my husband and i grab coffee together in public and "toast" each other with the salute that was common in WWII.

  2. Well, Paganini WAS ahead of his time.

  3. I love all kinds of music as well, but normally can't name the singer/group or the actual name of the song. Sounds like a fun evening. :)

  4. I'm not familiar with the music you mention but I can picture the scene as you looked up and identified the track...

    Made me smile. ;-)


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