Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T. The Time Tunnel.


Being a bit of a sci-fi buff, I have always been intrigued by time travel.  (Sometimes the explanations of same are a bit... strange, but make for good stories, nonetheless.)  So far, I don't think we have any bodily methods of time travel, but as for our minds, no such problem.

I open a book and can go back to the era of Good Queen Bess, and see what was going on in the 1500's.  One of my friends loves to see pioneers and cowboys in the 1800's.  Even a book that I just picked up, will have me travelling to the 1970's to ride on a balsa wood raft over the Pacific. (Kon-Tiki, if you want to join me.)

I watch shows that are from different eras, as well.  Watching a show from the 40's or 50's, seeing the men in hats, suits, and women in dresses and aprons.  Then switching to a show from the 60's or early 70's, fringe and striped pants.  Then a dash of big hair, big shoulder 80's.  Enough to make your head spin...

And films and photographs.  My Mom and Dad had some of their wedding recorded.  I can visit, seeing my cousin when she was a gap toothed little girl.  I see photos of myself later, at a similar age, trying to see if I can ride my Saint Bernard like a horse. (I couldn't.)  A crystalline spot in time, stopped for memory.

And, don't forget heading forward in time.  Utopia? Dystopia?  Strangeness is normal?  Even the idea of someone from now jumping ahead, seeing the differences.  I know if I had jumped from when I was... Oh, let's say 16, to see what kids who are 16 now are like, I believe I would have been alternately surprised, confused, possibly disgusted.  But mostly curious.

And I think that's probably why we have time travel.  Even if it is only in our heads.

(The Time Tunnel)


  1. Time travel is intriguing. Really i do wonder, though, if it will ever be possible without destroying time as we know it.

    Meanwhile, a stroll down memory lane is good enough!

  2. Ah, if only we had time travel - I believe I would go back and mix it all up.

  3. I loved the 60s classic H.G. Wells' Time Machine, but I would only have traveled back in time, never forward. This is probably the reason i don't write science fiction.

  4. Time travel would be interesting. I think I'd prefer memory lane though.

  5. I travel at night...I can go any place I want to when I put my mind to it...flying without a broom!! It is a book I read years ago...works!

    I wanted to tell you that I love the title of your blog!! Every time I see it I laugh out loud...it is perfect!!


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