Friday, April 26, 2013

W. Wonder Woman.

I like to write letters, in fact, I think I've mentioned that before on my blog.  I write to family, friends, to compliment, or sometimes complain, about service.  But I have written letters that I fully expect never to receive a reply.

Fan letters, to be exact.

Now, before anyone says foul, I am not saying I won't.  I am just saying I never have.  I was a big fan of Wonder Woman when I was in first grade, and asked Mom about her. (I was little unclear about the concept of "acting", I figured that was really stuff that Lynda Carter did, no clue about stunt people at that point. Actually, truth be told, a little unclear that she wasn't an Amazon, but I digress.) Mom explained that I could write to her, and tell her how much I liked her.  I wrote a letter to her, telling her how neat her costume was, and other 'excited little kid' things that filled one of those large gray pages that I used in the lower grades.  I think I might have drawn a picture, too.  Mom sent it off for me, and I promptly forgot about it.  I don't remember ever receiving an answer.  I think this happened with Mr. Rogers, as well.

I wrote to Santa, about that time, too. Not the "I want x for Christmas" thing, I think I wrote sometime in August, just to ask how he was doing, hope the reindeer were okay, that sort of thing.  Well, uh, no answer from him, but ya know, he IS kinda busy most of the year... Ahem.

I wrote to a few rock stars I liked in high school, again, no reply.  In early college, I wrote to the President of the United States.

Okay, I did get a reply, so I suppose that's something.  However, it was a form letter with a rubber stamped signature.

I even wrote to a YouTube personality that I liked a video of recently.

Yet again, no reply.  Suppose I should have commented or tweeted, in that case...

So.  I still write to famous people, occasionally.


That is an easy question to answer.  I write to them to thank them, or tell them what their work has done for me, or even just the 'gee, I think you are really great' thing.

But, since I haven't received a reply, why bother?

Also a good question.  I suppose the biggest reason is the same reason I write to my friends and family that don't write back.  I write selfishly.  I write because I want to, I want someone to know I care, and if I don't get an answer, it sorta stinks, but I write because I want to.

The answer is gravy.

So, I will write some more fan letters soon, might even mention them on the blog.  But I don't expect an answer. I will write, because I enjoy writing, want to let the person know I like them, and what they do, and all will be good.

But if they write back, ya know, I really won't mind!

(Wonder Woman)


  1. Keep writing. Someday, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Sooner or later someone will respond to your letters. maybe you could pick someone not yet super famous but on their way up.

  3. Santa wrote back to my little sister once. He scrawled on a page torn out of her notebook. He thanked her for the cookies and told her how impressed he was of her year's accomplishments. I watched her read it, pleased, nervous, hoping I hadn't made any spelling mistakes.


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