Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Day.

A day wherein I actually remembered to grab the camera.

Rudee wanting me to come out NOW, so he can go run around...

The plants are finally starting to look filled out.
I had sort of an accidental patriotism streak here,
the center is blue stars, and I alternated red petunias,
and white alyssum, and it came out pretty well.

It's haying season, the roads are filled with balers, pickups,
trailers, and lots of young men with feed caps and muscles.
And a few dogs.  At the end of the day, there is a lot of cans, 
mostly soda, and dust. Some dust is even still on the ground...

The neighbor moved his cattle to the field in front of our house,
so I can watch "my" cows again, for a while.

The new group.  4 chicks, 
Burlington, Northern, Santa Fe, and Chattanooga. 
(The little yellow rooster is Burlington.)

Bow to your partner...

And do ce do!

Blondies taking in some sun. And light refreshment...


  1. Loving the chickens!

  2. You've really captured summer. I can almost feel it through my monitor.

  3. It all looks heavenly. When I see the hay bales I begin to panic about summer coming to an end.

  4. Good you remembered the camera, these are some lovely pics of country life.

  5. I love your pictures!!! While I live in an urban area...albeit the suburban part of town...I miss living in the country. Is there anything sweeter than baby chicks. Rudee looks adorable, as well.

  6. Lots of that haying going on around here, and down the road the wheat field is cut and about to be burned off...yep, it's summer!

  7. Beautiful summer! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. that's a summer I can get with.


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