Monday, November 18, 2013

Jeepin', part 2.

Husband dug out his Oregon Forestry Map.  It has lots of back roads, and since the hunting season was almost over, we decided to see if there were other places to wander around in the back woods.  We don't hunt, but the drives are wonderful.

(Oh, and one hilarious thing I forgot to mention last blog.  We were coming out of the woods, and a very gung ho, heavily camo and orange hunter was headed in.  We drove not but about half a dozen yards ahead, and BOING, out jumps a 2 point right in front of our jeep.  We roared with laughter, I called out, "Run, Bambi, run", much to my husband's amusement.)

Ok, the next batch o' photos...

A view from the top of the hill.

Just a pretty shot of a pond.

We skirted a creek, 
there was quite a lot of little creeks peeking out since the rains...

Crossing a bridge up to Snow Peak.

A ridge near the back of Snow Peak

Another view, showing just how tall it is!

On the way home, we passed a church,
and there was this lovely little altar.
As much moss and fern as there was, 
it has been there a while...


  1. Love the pictures. I adore areas that have those clear streams that cut through the back woods. I always thought I would love a house that sits near a creak bank.

    I totally endorse you warning Bambi to get the heck out of there. I have a lot of friends that hunt but I don't get how anyone likes to shoot an animal. It really kind of freaks me out.

  2. Each season has its own unique beauty, as you wonderful photos capture this so well.

  3. What a beautiful area! That story about the deer is a hoot!


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