Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, Qwap...

I was all set to write today's R blog, when I glanced at my list, and for some reason, I blew past Q without a second thought... Huh.  Ok, well, I will be a day behind this week, I guess.  Poo...

Ok, Q.  I guess this isn't retro, per se, but I was thinking about when I get up in the morning.

It's quiet.

The roosters are just getting started with crowing, a poultry game of one upsmanship.

Turkeys are coming down from the trees, and some gobbling, flutter, and the occasional squawk.

Rudee yawns, groans, then a clatter of tags as he gets up to walk out to the yard with me.

I watch the sunrise.  The birds seem to get energized to chirp, chitter, and sing.

Dozens of geese fly by, honking like a freeway pile up.

Opening the hen house door, a cascade of chickens pours out, clucking and chattering.

Buzz meows from atop the fence post when I come out.

You know what?  Maybe my quiet morning, isn't as quiet as I thought!

Well, I suppose it isn't exactly the world's biggest "thing", but I was so pleased, I have been helping at the Sheriff's Office with the Neighborhood Watch group, and doing volunteer work.  

I am now able to give out official business cards!  It's such a little thing, but it makes me feel like someone is paying attention to what I do.  And I guess they want me around a while, I think they gave me something on the order of 5K of them!

I also got a clean bill of health on my yearly Doctor's appointment, so that went well, other than a minor scare.  I had a sore leg, and told him about it, I wasn't concerned, just a toss off comment to his query of any pains of late.  

He became REAL serious, and started checking my leg, and had me do a bunch of things I recognized as signs to check for a STROKE... Oooooookay, Mr. Doctor person, what, pray tell, is going on?  

He was highly worried that I had a blood clot.  Why, I am still not sure.  But after an extensive dance of on the spot testing, he decided... I had overdone something, and had maybe strained a muscle.

Whew!  Not that I was worried or anything... Cough.  

Um, does anyone know the resting heart rate for minor panic?  


  1. How nice they gave you business cards - I think they like what you're doing.
    I've have tests for clots - nada. Yep, know what you mean by resting heart rate...

  2. I don't know your resting heart beat, but I'm sure it will settle down with a nice cup of tea. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge.

  3. I once complained to my doctor about a severe pain in my leg that felt like someone was pressing a lit cigarette into my skin. I was worried I might be experiencing a blood clot but when I asked about it my doctor said blood clots don't cause any pain at all, which is why they're so dangerous.

  4. The resting heart rate for that is about a million!

    That kind of morning is quiet, for you. Like the story of the man who was upset about how loud his house was with all those children and his parents living there. The village wise man told him to put the cow in the house, then the pigs and the donkey, then the sheep. A few days later, the wise man told him to throw the animals back out, and the villager was amazed at how quiet his house seemed after that!


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