Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aggrivation and general annoyance. Oh, and a birthday.

So, I haven't been blogging.  Have I been busy?  Wrecked myself again?  Travelled? 

Well, not really.  No, in fact, I haven't been able to stay connected to the internet for more than about 2-3 minutes at a stretch.  Driving me nuts...ier than usual.  I am blogging from the Sub today, because they actually stay connected, (and I remembered to bring my password with me.  I amaze myself with my duh-ness on occasion...), so there won't be pics at the moment, but at least you will know I haven't oh, been abducted by aliens, or something. 

We finally contacted someone involved with our internet, and they told us, oh, yeah, your modem isn't any good anymore, we'll have to replace it, but we only do that when people complain. 

At the risk of sounding snarky, hostile, and more than a little venomous, ISN'T THAT CONVIENENT?  This whole time, we have been trying to figure out if there was a bad electrical connection, was it Husband's tablet having problems, my computer going fritzy, did the Big Internet provider suddenly play games with our allotted doings?  NO.  It was the fact someone didn't want to let us know that our modem was bad.  THEY knew about it.  Just didn't SAY anything about it. 

(Insert maniacal laughter and insane screams of frustration here.)

Now, I am using my computer at home for some of the work I do through the Sheriff's Office.  It's pretty darn frustrating to have to tell people I can only get back to them once a week because my home computer isn't doing what it's supposed to.  My email was kinda wonky, too, and that didn't help.  We still don't know if said wonkiness was caused by the problems with the internet, I did something, or some other, yet unknown, blotch of poo. 

But, the mail IS working, and we will be getting a new modem sooner or later, so I hope to be getting back to blogging.  I had trouble even reading any one else's blogs, as the 'net would die, and it would send me back to Google homepage... So, I will have to catch up on everyone else, as well...

So, another birthday came and went.  I had a nice couple presents from Mom and Dad.  I am so eclectic.  They gave me a water barrel, like the one I already have, so I can do more watering, and maybe have some plants for shade near the chicken house.  Also, the fountain pen and ink I had been coveting a few blogs ago.  That is nice, I need to sit down and see how it works.  Most fountain pens have a nib, or point, that looks flat with a small cut down the center.  This glass one has a nib that looks like a citrus juicer, if oranges were the size of, oh, small peas...  I will have to do a 'test write', so I don't blorp ink all over, not knowing how the ink might flow off the end... (Note to self, probably a good idea to write with a towel handy, and not in a white outfit.  Oh, wait, I do that anyway...)

Husband made me a necklace out of one of the cougar claws that we had.  I had been trying to decide what to do, when he came in with several ideas... I picked one, and he built it for me.  (pics soon.) 

He also took me to Fish Lake, which at the present time, is a meadow.  It was, and still is, a Forest Service area.  We walked around, and saw some lovely old buildings.  There was an information kiosk, and Husband caught it before I did. There was a name he thought I'd mentioned, on the kiosk.  I said oh, what about it.  Turns out, it was my Great-Grandpa that built some of the buildings, pre-1910!  I thought that was kinda cool.  I took some pictures of said buildings, and will post those later, too.  Husband and I both loved looking at the windows, they were the really neat wavy glass that I believe was original to the building.  We had a neat day, wandered about, saw a waterfall (sorry, can't remember the name at the moment... yes, more pics), and had lunch at a campground where we watched hummingbirds, ducks, and some avid bicyclists. 

We'd originally planned to go to Marion Forks for my birthday, but there was this little detail- the Bingham Complex fire was going strong, and we really didn't think that going into a flame fest was the best thing to do.

The candles on my cake were enough... ;-D


  1. I've been wondering what had happened to you. I hope you get your new modem soon. Take care.

  2. Many happy returns of the day to you, and with better internet!

  3. Hope you get your internet sorted out - it's amazing how quickly we've come to rely on instant access to the world these days.

  4. Happy belated birthday! And I hope you got your internet working properly.

  5. Boo to Internet issues. Hate it when they pull that nonsense. Glad you're alive.


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