Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finally, success! I think...

So, I said I couldn't find the green neon building. Mr. Chatterbox said he lived in Portland, but didn't know either.  Then he mentioned a specific building.  Hmm.  I tried the Koin 6 building he'd mentioned.  Nope.  I then started, somewhat pedantically, asking Google Image, "does (building name) have green neon".  I had to look up several buildings, but I finally came up with names of the bigger ones in downtown.

And finally, I am 98.6% sure I have found the building in question.  This picture is of the Bank of America in Portland, and it certainly looks like the image I saw in the news.

Why not 100%?  I need to look on a map, and see if it's near the Koin 6 tower, thereby solving the mystery of Dad's curiosity.

I get focused on the strangest things...

(After some fighting with Google and MapQuest, I think I am right.  I am still not sure, as the closest they are is a couple city blocks from one another, and I can't convince MapQuest OR Google to show me the general layout.  So, until I can go to Portland sometime, or something, that will be my answer, I guess...)

And, as of December 17th, I received a response from Koin 6... And I quote...

Seems to be the Bank of America Center.

So.  If folks in the tower aren't even entirely sure, I guess this is about as good as it gets, folks.  I will file this under mystery pretty well solved.

Now I just need to figure out why I can have nothing happen all day, but when I go to the bathroom, the phone rings, or someone comes to the door...


  1. Glad your mystery is pretty much solved!
    Nope, some days, a person can't get anywhere or anything done because of interruptions.

  2. At least you've narrowed it to an excellent probable, and i hope it turns out to be the one. Mysteries like that tend to get on my nerves until settled.

    As for your last conundrum, it's the universe's way of having a laugh at our expense. All the atoms have to come together at the same time, see, whether they are the atoms that make up us and are in the restroom or belong to the traveling salesman and are on the front porch. The same way there are no cars at the cross street until i get to it.

  3. I was in downtown Portland a few days ago and looked for green neon buildings, but it was daytime and lights weren't on. This picture of buildings near one of the many bridges would seem to fit your description.

  4. That's usually the way things happen. Nothing, then everything all at once.. I think it's a 'thing.' lol


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