Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to drive Ding crazy(er)...

Had to go to town, my shoulder was giving me fits, and so I received a Cortisone shot, and much info from the doc on how to avoid ANOTHER shot.  So far, so good.

Came home, and Ding was just wild.  Well, thought I, the Martins are getting ready to make nests in the birdhouses near our window, she must just be excited about that...

Didn't pay all that much attention to her zipping back and forth, that's what she does... Until I realized she was not watching the window, but the woodstove...

And I heard, tap tap. Tap tap tap

Ah, crap...

So, I quickly put Ding in the big carrier, much to her extreme disgust, grabbed one of my coats to use as a deterrent, Husband closed all the windows, the TV was turned off, and we opened the front door.


The bird launched out, and I think was doing just short of Mach 1 by the time it got outside!

I then let Ding back out.

It is now 8 p.m. (ish) here, and she is STILL trying to figure out where her new "toy" went...

(On the bright side, there is no 'evidence' it left on the flight out the door.  We have not been so lucky when this happened before....)


  1. Congratulations on the competent, and not messy, "toy" rescue! Maybe Ding needs a new battery operated something or other to chase.

    1. I have tried, she doesn't give a rip about the twirly toys I've gotten her. Her catnip mice get chewed to bits, and she loves a stick with ribbons, but I have to, of course, be MOVING that stick...


  2. I was having a problem with my shoulder and the doc gave me a cortisone shot, and at first I thought it hadn't worked. A week later the pain was gone. My new doctor says cortisone won't work, and I keep telling him he's wrong, but he gives me the shot anyway.

    1. It is a strange thing, my parents didn't have much effect taken when they had shots, in my case, it worked almost immediately,
      and if I follow the doc's instructions, hopefully I won't need much more...



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