Thursday, April 09, 2015

H is for...


I wrote a blog on some of the hats I have a while ago.  I have, begrudgingly, taken to wearing a wide brimmed hat any time I am outside.  I have found that it leads to less problems with my face, and I don't get a sunburned nose quite as badly.

A friend of mine said something about her daughter, but it fits me as well.  If I were to go outside without sunscreen, (and a hat), I would burst into flame.

Possibly not literally, but I think I am just shy of being allergic to the sun.  Hence the hat.  It is funny, though, I have found that I wear a felt hat most of the time now, and get compliments and comments on it. This is my model, Buc the cat...

I hope I look a little better in it than he does...
Often I wear the felt hat with a tie dye t-shirt, and I carry a little suede peace sign bag with me.  This led to an interesting conversation...

I was putting some groceries in my rig, and Mom was in already, when this gal walks up and compliments me on my hat and shirt.

I thank her, then she pipes up, sooo, you have any ganja?

I snort, and tell her no, but it's hot out , (it was about 90 or so at the time), would she like some water?  She said sure, I gave her a little extra for her boyfriend and dog, and then got in.  As they were walking off, Mom inquired about what she'd asked about.

"She just wanted to know if I had pot."
"...  Marijuana?"
"Yeah.  Isn't the first time I've been asked."

I told her with my outfit, it sort of encouraged discussion of recreational herbs...  She then said I should have told them about my volunteer job with the Sheriff's Office.


My first thought about that would be, I don't want someone wetting themselves behind my rig!


  1. Heeheehee! Yep, i can see how that would cause a problem, telling them where you volunteer!

    My friend Belinda is allergic to the sun. She gets rashes no matter how she tries to protect herself, but as she says, she's not going to beome a hermit and quit going out and doing things she wants to do.

  2. I've never understood how people could lay in the sun and bake. I don't like the feel of prolonged sun on my skin and usually wear a hat or stay inside.

    As for the ganja, not a problem in my state.

  3. I like wearing hats for a different reason; in Scotland it's usually cold and windy and I don't like having my hair blown around. A woolly hat is usually an essential!

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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