Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for


When I was a kid, Dad had a ramp he used to fix cars with.  This was built big.  I seem to remember it  being something that was for loading sheep into a semi, that he had modified.  Basically, two large flat slopes, with logs underneath.

I loved that thing.  When it was still a sheep loader, I would get a willow branch "whip", and the wooden sword that Dad helped me make, and I would be the Captain of a fine ship, shouting commands at my crew, and fighting off brigands and sea monsters that might try boarding.  (Usually ended up being the cat, but hey, you take your brigands where you can get them...) 

I then would "fish" with a stick and some string, to bring in one of the big salmon that Grandpa was always talking about.  (Again, with a string dangling, I quite often caught kitten fish...)

I had a fort, and I was usually on the lookout for invading hordes, with my faithful soldiers below, keeping the invaders at bay.  In reality, it was generally Mama Cat, finding a place to sleep that was quiet...  But the thought was there, anyway.

As I became older, the ramp went away, but I had "camp outs" with my stuffed toys, (my Smokey Bear was a favorite companion), and the occasional tea party.  Grandpa had brought home a racing carriage, and I sat in it, thinking of winning blue ribbons for racing, until he told me a little more about it.  Being rather afraid of horses, the idea of sitting within striking distance of back hooves, or... other parts at the back, made my vivid ideas of racing... A little less inviting.

Then there was the go cart Dad and I built. And rebuilt. And again.  I think we rebuilt it about 4 times before the poor thing just gave up in disgust.  Not from being rebuilt, I just wore the poor thing out!  I was a race car driver!  I was a cop, chasing down a criminal! I was a paramedic, racing to rescue someone! (I was a big fan of the show Emergency, and that was about the only way Mom could slow me down, because she would remind me that Johnny and Roy did NOT take corners on two wheels...) 

I have used my imagination to draw, to write stories (now I just need to get the stories DONE... ahem), to entertain myself, and the occasional person at faire, or child when I have babysit.

I am glad to have imagination.  It lets you go anywhere, anytime, to be anyone, and my limits are my own...

I will try and get some of my "regular" bloggy stuff written in a bit, but for some reason, it's been a little busy here of late, and so I have been a bit deficient of tales of the animals.  Husband and I are helping Mom and Dad remodel Mom's kitchen.  Husband is doing the lion's share of the work, but I was helping the other day by pulling nails.  I found out that there are about 4 or 5 different tools for pulling nails, and I must say, when you have everything from this nice little nail with a large head, to a skinny long nasty brad that is half bent and rusted, you need more than a standard claw hammer.  

Or at least I do... But, the nails are gone on about 3/4 of the walls, we have to wait to remove the trash (they've not delivered the big dump box), and then I will finish that.  It was a building built in the late 40's, and we found a calendar from 1955.  Also, some drawings that I did on the floor when we put down the linoleum...

It has been interesting, to say the least...


  1. "Let's pretend" were some of my favorite words when i was a child.

    Good luck with the remodel, and what an interesting place to find old artwork!

  2. You had (have) a great imagination. I hear it said that people should write what they know, but I think they should write what they can imagine.

  3. I used to love pretending all sorts of things when I was younger. Even now I frequently disappear into a daydream if I'm left alone with my thoughts. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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