Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for...

Roosters and hens.

I love to go out and look at my birds.  I have the good fortune to live where my rooster won't bother anyone, (and the latest one isn't all that loud, either).  I watch them peck and scratch, finding the little whatnots in the dirt, then, suddenly, one hen will take off, running zig zags around the field, chasing a bug, which soon has a couple more chasing frantically, until either the bug becomes a snack, or is bright enough to fly up, or out of the chicken area.

Mon Ami is my rooster, and I will be buying some more french faverolles chickens, these are such nice birds.  Mon Ami was in a pen all his young life, and now is with other birds, and out and about during the day.  It took him a while to get used to being a "country bird", but with a lot of coaxing, some feed, and several hens, he seems to fit in well, and hopefully be happy with his life.

I had one girl that was not in too great of shape when she was younger.  She would get trampled by the others, and would actually almost act as if she'd fainted.  She would let me pick her up, (believe me, THAT is unusual in a chicken), and I would set her up and away from the rest, to let her eat.  She has since grown to a nice little bird, she isn't picked on, much.  She is now named Henny Penny, and she delights in jumping up and looking in the barrel when I have my head down in it, getting food.  She also lets me know, clucking incessantly, that I am not fast enough.  I have even had her jump IN the barrel once, but I really, REALLY don't want to get THAT started.

I just enjoy having the chickens around, they relax me, and are fun to watch.

And, let's face it, I like fresh eggs for baking and cooking, too!


  1. Fresh eggs and some entertainment -- an unbeatable combination1

  2. I grew up in the suburbs and don't know anything about chickens, except that they're tasty, but I guess I could have been polite and not mentioned it.


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