Monday, February 01, 2016

Garden Fever...

The weather has been terrific here, for the most part. (Sorry East Coasters...)  This is the time of year I get more than a little itchy to go plant and grow things.

I wander through the veggie and flower catalogs, aka "veggie p-rn" at our house.  I am dreaming about my garden, considering what to grow, (which is always in the category of, "Why not?", leading to "Where am I going to PUT this?" later in the season...) 

I have thoughts about making things (the barn quilt block I have been thinking about for some time, and the Tardis garden shed), and things I would like to add to the garden, (a Doctor Who scarecrow, and drip irrigation), and so I have lots of day dreaming that occurs this time of year.

I will have some real things to do, I have to paint the raised bed boxes, to preserve them a bit longer, and check what seeds I have, and need.  Just off the top of my head, I am out of a particular watermelon that I grow for Mom, I can't save seed on that one.  So, will have to buy that.  A seed swap is coming up soon, I will get more goodies to grow. (see above "Why not?" statement...)

Bless him, I told Husband that I was going to try square foot gardening, and that I should probably figure out what I had for space.  He responds, "You have 10 4x8 tanks, so 320 sq. feet to work with."
He did this in his head, while I was still working out, for sure, that one tank was 32 sq. feet...

I said I day dream.  I never said I did math quickly...


  1. It is certainly the time to dream - having a cold rain here right now, yesterday, however, was pushing close to 70F with a mix of sun and clouds. Sigh ...
    Happy planning!

  2. For the life of me, I can't do math in my head. I am a whiz on paper...even better with a calculator (ha ha).

    I love that you are already thinking about your garden. As much as I love my gardens, I am always slow to get into the mood. It never fails here in Kansas that there will be a deep freeze and a snowstorm in April so I don't venture into my garden until May.

  3. Math was my worst subject in school. I'm sunk without a pad and pencil.

  4. How i wish you could teach me to garden! Even with my inability, i get itchy for seeing things grow this time of year, too.


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