Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blog ideas...

So, this is more of a query, than a detailed blog entry.

How do you get your blog ideas?

I had realized that most of my entries came from either what I was doing at the moment, or had been doing, or my animals.  I don't mention a lot of stuff about my volunteer work, as some is confidential.  I don't write politics or religious items, as I don't want a fight.

(Which according to one acquaintance, makes my blog boring... May I reply, Super Meh!)

I have thought about seeing some of the online blog inspirations,  like this one, and see if it gives me some variety to my writing. Let's see, today is March 23, the blog prompt is: Write an entry about a local experience as though it's an entry in a travel guide.


"The jingle of bells, swish of skirts.  Haughty Lords lead elegant ladies about, examining the offerings of vendors wares.  Turning a corner, you might see a giant juggler, or a ragamuffin playing the violin for coins.  Or perhaps a knight, on his way to vanquish his foe in the tourney yard.  

Where is this fabled land?  Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, where one can find peasants and royalty, fun and food, and even, perhaps, magic and wonder, if you know where to look."

Well, it was short.  But you get the idea.  So, in the comments, if you feel so inclined, your genesis for blogs.  Do you think the prompts would be a good add-in for my blog, so I am not continually going over plowed ground, so to speak...

Thank you!


  1. Hmm, I have to think to make a blog entry? Good grief, I may as well pull up the stakes, roll up my tent and steal into the night. I must be boring as weak tea. Okay, I admit, I just write about what's going on around me, or what I'm doing most of the time. I think of blogging as touching bases with a few people I have met over the internet. If I am wrong - shoot me or whatever.

    I like just simple "talking" on the blogs that I write and read. JMHO

  2. I write about what interests me, and as you know I'm very interested in art. Actually, I don't care what bloggers write so long as it projects passion.

  3. Most of my posts are day-to-day happenings, too. I occasionally join into linkups that interest me. Makes for some interesting reading other people's entries, too.

  4. Use prompts if you want, or just tell about your critters and your garden and what you can share of what you are doing. Or mix it up.

    Lately i use prompts and get inspiration from the kids and whatever is going on.

  5. I meant to leave a comment yesterday, then got busy. As for blog ideas...because my whole blog premise is about the good and bad of current or topical subjects, nearly all my posts relate to something in the news, technology or current cultural shifts (as opposed to my late 50s, 60s childhood).
    I love your blog as you talk about your life and your animals etc. For whatever reason, I have found when I occasionally talk about my life, my feelings etc., I get less traffic. Which sucks really because I enjoy getting to know my blogging friends but I don't think that the masses out there want to know me per se. Blogging is hard I think in terms of finding your audience. I continually refer blogs to my friends that I think might be of interest to them. I rarely promote my own because I fear they will hate it then I will be forced to feel bad when they criticize it. While I am half joking, I have had people infer that they don't get it and it's apparent they don't share my weird sense of humor.


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