Monday, March 07, 2016

Not QUITE 100 Square Afghan finished... Whew!

Finally finished this afghan, for me.  I had no great plan, just wanted to do white to black, which I did more or less. (You can't see the black, there are about 2 more sections of panels behind the section on the far end of the couch.)  If I would make one like this again, it would be a bit smaller, it has about 70 or so squares, and I would have made the solid colors in a knitting pattern that would give them visual interest, instead of large blocks of garter stitch.  It is so warm.  Folded double, I slept under it one night recently, and had NO need for extra blankets.  However, it's also rather HEAVY.  I guess that's why it's warm?  

It's sort of ungainly, probably not the most carefully coordinated color combination, and maybe just a bit tacky, but hey, it fits me, and I like it, so... Meh.  

Oh, and I didn't use the rest of the square because it was so large already, I am planning on making, and probably donating the one I make from those... Maybe... Heh.


  1. Looks warm and cozy. You have some interesting squares there!

  2. Well, i think it's lovely! It does look like it would be warm, and add a big splash of color to any bed.

  3. Love the bright colors. Just the thing to cheer one up.

  4. Awesome!!! I love "heavy" afghans. Because it's been years since I made one, I ordered one at Christmas that was oversized and very heavy. I liked it so much I ordered a 2nd one so both hubby and I have our own to wrap around us when we want a little extra warmth.
    Neither of the ones I ordered are as colorful or as cheerful as yours.


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