Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Killdeer

We have Killdeer around, they like to lay eggs in gravel.  This can lead to some odd occurrences.

I was in first or second grade, when we had a Killdeer lay an egg just on the far side of the playground, right near the parking lot.  We all wanted to see the bird, which was made easier by the janitor, who had painted a bright red circle around the nest, so people could avoid it when parking.

Well, we kids were all ringed around this bird, who was probably panic stricken, but studiously sat, guarding her egg.  The teachers noticed the play time mobbing of the poor bird, and so the janitor sprayed a NEW circle, about 10 or so feet around the bird, and we were given the rule that if anyone was caught inside of that second circle, they would have no recess.

So, we all stood, toes on the circle, to watch and see if Mama would have a chick during one of our play times.  One day, there was a chick, so I assume it hatched of an evening or morning, before we showed up... I think that the bird, and the teachers, were glad when the bird moved on.

This same kind of event happened at the volunteer fire station, and someone used orange paint to mark around the nest.   I would have thought the poor bird would have been terrified of huge, red, screaming-siren trucks going by her, but that one survived to have a chick, too.

Then, in a nearby town, we have a road named Killdeer Avenue.  The name?  It was proposed after construction had to be delayed because one of these goofy birds laid an egg in a spot where a mega store was to be built.  Again, silly bird had a chick, they left, and all was restored to 'normal'.

They may not be smart, those Killdeer, but they have more courage than they know what to do with!


  1. Cute stories. I can just imagine all the kids standing watching the bird and nest at a distance. Very sweet.

    We have several roads around here as well that have the Killdeer name. In fact, there are a number of streets, lanes and drives named after birds here.

  2. I've heard of killdeers, but I've never seen one. They seem pretty oblivious to the world around them. Or maybe they're just being stubborn.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. Killdeer are my favorite birds--they play on your sympathy to protect their young. Genius.

  4. Funny! I've heard of killdeer, but had no idea they were urban/suburban ground nesters. Too brave for their own good, I guess.
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

  5. Interesting that they ignore secluded spots to lay their eggs in favor of more highly trafficked places.

  6. A friend had one in her gravel driveway, they had to park on the other end and couldn't use the "circle" part of the drive to get out for several weeks. They seem almost as dumb and the poor doves, whose nests fall apart and the babies fall out.

  7. I love thee cries of kildeers, and I've seen plenty of them here in upstate New York, but I've never seen a nest. That would be cool. So glad you shared. =)

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
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