Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for... UGH!!!


So, with animals as the topic for my A to Z, there is one part of animals that is less that wonderful. Yeah...

Poo.  Some you can (hopefully) have take care of it in one spot, like a cat.  Getting it out, not so great, but most of the time the landmines are in the stink box, not hither and yon.

Our dog, well... He's not doing so great, since he's getting old, but we trained him where he needs to go.  He tries. I will give him that.

Then the llamas.  They, like cats, like to go in one particular area, which makes clean up a bit easier...

Lastly, chickens.

Chickens, while they are productive animals, useful for both egg, and meat, even feathers, if you like fly fishing... They can't, as far as I can tell, be trained to poo anywhere.  Or, more accurately, they poo EVERYWHERE!

So, if you visit my house, don't wear good shoes.

I try to keep the place clean, but you have been warned...


  1. Most dogs prefer a certain area - Our neighbor dogs come over here to do it, and like your house our guests need to watch their step.

  2. Anyone who keeps stock of any kind is given a pass on keeping the landscape spotless. It just cannot be done!

  3. Part of the reality of living on a farm. There is poo. Small price to pay for having the fun of having animals. I think it would be nice though, if all animals liked the idea of litter boxes. Especially horses and cows...I am thinking a sizable litter box would be nice...I just wouldn't want to be the one that had to clean it.

  4. I'll consider myself warned.


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