Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for Da da da da da da, VAC MAN!

I was pretty young when this happened, grade school, I think.

We had gone to bed, and it was pretty late, I know I'd been asleep for a while.  Something woke me.  Next thing I know, Mom was sounding upset, and I heard noises in the front room.

I got up, and started to go into the hallway to the front room.

Mom bellowed, "Get back in your room, and close the door!"

I did, but not before I got a glimpse of Dad's backside, naked, running around with the vacuum cleaner, randomly swatting the air.  No clue what was going on, and I was trying hard not to giggle.

As it turned out, we had a bat in the house, and Dad was using the vacuum to chase it down.  I heard thumps, some swearing, clanks, then a "swwwONK" noise from the vacuum.  Then, finally, quiet.

Dad said, "It's still alive, I'll go take it outside."


Yeah, I lost the giggle battle at that point...

Our family seems to have a problem with males and bats.  My Grandpa was painting his house, and was leaning out to paint the trim, when something came out at him.  His first reaction was to swat at it.  Well, he looked up, and saw a Hunter Green bat flying away...

That animal, I must say, isn't one I have dealt with overmuch.  But I must say, it has made for some funny stories in our family...


  1. I would say that your childhood must have been a blast!

  2. Bats scare me with the same intensity that mice do. If a bat got into my house, I'd be heading for a hotel and calling Critter Control over to take care of it. I am such a wimp.

  3. Chasing a bat with a vacuum cleaner, in the nude? Well, your mom can't say your dad never touched a vacuum cleaner.

  4. It might have made you giggle, but somehow i think the bat was not amused. A feather duster can help, you can put it over the bat (or bird) and they calm down so you can get them out of the house.

    It does make for a very funny story, though!

  5. Haa that is such a funny story! I've had birds in the house before but never bats! :::shudder::::

  6. What a picture! I bet it's one of those family tales that still brings laughter.


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