Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for What does the Duck say?

I can't remember how old my Goddaughter (GD) was, but she was just starting to learn her animals.  Mom had her up at eye level with me, and I was wearing a shirt with a large picture of a kitten on it.  

Eager to show me how much GD had learned, Mom was asking her what sound various animals made.  She asked what the dog said, bark, what the pig said, oink, etc.  Slowly, GD's eyes slid to my shirt, and she reached a hand out to point at the kitty.

Mom continued, "And what does the duck say?"

I tried not to giggle.

Mom tried again. "Honey, what does a DUCK say?  Not kitty, DUCK."
Pointing at my shirt, "Meow..."

I covered the majority of my shirt with my arms, hoping to distract her to Mom's request, where she was continuing with "Honey, not the kitty. DUCK, a duck says QUACK, right?"

Point. "Meow!"

My giggle finally bubbled out.  

Did I mention that my GD is a tiny bit stubborn?  I never did hear GD's quack that day, but she darn sure knew what a kitty says!


  1. GD sounds like someone who will march to her own drummer.

  2. I learned early on, never, ever underestimate the sarcasm of children. (Any age)

  3. Cute...sometimes it's just hard not to get distracted.

  4. Heeheehee! She is smart, it's a shame you didn't have a duck nearby to show her.


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