Friday, April 29, 2016

Yak, yak, yak, YIPE!

(Yep, late, but still, it's up now... I guess I lost track of time...)

I love to go to fiber festivals.  I usually get my quota of spinning fiber, and yarn.  It's a cash only thing for me, when the $ is gone, I am finished.

Well, with the spending...  Not the looking.

So I've found that it's absolutely a great time for me to check out the animal barns...  I have found that I know several of the sheep owners, goat owners, and get to check out the rabbits, and some exotics...

Like- a yak that was there one year.  I walked up, just a bit shy of something that large.  It was bigger than most male cattle I'd been around, and was well armored with a set of horns that were wider than said yak.

I was watching the animal, when the owner of said yak showed up...  She was telling me all about it, that it was a friendly animal, and was not one to be aggressive, and the fiber was awesome!  Come and feel it!

Tentatively, I walked up to the stall, and stroked the back of the yak, to let it know I was there.  It turned to look at me, sniffed slightly, then went back to the hay bale it was mowing though.  I talked with the gal about the care and feeding of yaks, when the owner, realizing I hadn't felt the fiber (the part used on a yak is the protective undercoat), she patted, then said, "dig in, feel that wonderful fiber!"  (Not a bit of a salesman, no siree...)

But, I will admit, I was looking at it with some thoughts... And so I, indeed, "dug in", pushing the hair apart, and sticking my hand down in the soft warmth of the undercoat.  She was right, it was just lovely soft!  I rubbed it some more... And suddenly got a right cross of a slightly dirty yak tail in my face, knocking off my glasses!

Turns out, yaks can be tickled... My glasses were not damaged, and after a quick run to the restroom, my face was okay, but, I decided to let someone else raise yaks.

I think Husband probably appreciates that more than anyone.


Had a busy day at the substation... I can't talk about the specifics, but I am glad I was able to help, but sad to know that the kind of help rendered was necessary.  

But, I did have one funny thing I can share.  The Sheriff's Office has Community (Compensatory) Service work crews that are picked up and dropped off there.  At the usual drop off time, I saw a trickle of folks jump out of the work van, and leave.  And a few that stood around talking, smoking, or getting bikes unlocked to leave.  I took no notice, until a gal came in asking to use the phone about 15 minutes later.

Not unusual either.  She called, checking if X was going to pick her up, sighed when she heard the beep, and went back out.  

I finished my day, and she was still out there, about a half hour later.  I went out the back, to my vehicle, and there was a car parked behind me.  This WAS unusual, and I kept my eye on the guy.  He waved, and then poked his head out the window, "Hey, was the crew truck here?"  

"Yes, about a half hour ago."

"Huh.  I guess I missed her."

"A gal, round faced, wearing this 'n that clothes, name Pickmeup?"

An awestruck look, if I ever saw one, and he said, "Uh, yeah... Do you know-"

I pointed, "She's out front, has been waiting for you-"

He made the fastest 3 point turn I've ever seen, and was out front at near warp speed... 



  1. I've never seen a yak in person, er, in animal, er, live in front of me. Did you buy any of the lady's wares?
    Oops is right, bet somebody was in a bit of hot water!

  2. I imagine a yak swiping your face with its tail could be painful. Glad to hear you took it in stride.

  3. Oopsie indeed, it's a pain when you know where to meet but not exactly where.

    Fun story about the yak, i think you made a wise choice to stick to llamas.

  4. So yak owners are a pushy breed and insist you rub their animals tummies, huh? When it comes to animals bigger than me, I prefer to stand at least an arm's length away.

    I always feel really sorry for people that are doing community service. I have no idea what they did to get there, I assume they deserve it but still...totally feel bad for them.

  5. I'm sorry I laughed at you, it probably wasn't as funny at the time. Silly ol' yak!
    We cracked up years ago as someone posted "Lost Yak" signs in our area. How do you lose a yak?!!


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