Monday, July 10, 2006

First Post


Decided to try my hand at Blogging. I am out here in the Mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon. I am lucky enough to live in a rural area, so I can have a garden...

(No, I haven't weeded. Husband and I have been cutting and hauling firewood, and I have let the weeds slide... Eh.) I have had a pretty good turnout with my garden, the only things that didn't come up were some gourd seeds (didn't read the directions well enough), and some carrot seed. I have YET to get carrot to grow. Have no idea why, but I seem to just plant them, to have a lovely crop of weeds in that row. However, hope springs eternal, and I will probably try again next year with yet a different type of carrot, and see if I can get something. I am a "Darwinian" gardener, according to the man I get seeds from. If it grows, I plant it again. If it doesn't, I don't try it again. (Unless I did something obviously wrong... Like the gourds.)

I also have a wonderful dog, Rudee. He loves to play with a yellow, knobby ball we bought for him. So I thought I would take a picture of him and his toy. Well, like any good 'kid', they do just what you don't want. I would try to take the picture, and as soon as the camera was on him, PTUI, he drops the ball. So. I took a picture of Rudee...

And here is his toy... Seperately. *Sigh*

So, you now know my dog's true love. A squeaky yellow chew toy. Well, that and barbeque rib bones...

On another topic, I love to knit. I have, in fact, finished the knitting part of a shawl. I still want to fringe it, though. I don't normally knit shawls, but this one has a feather and fan pattern, which I like, and I thought it might be a slightly dressy looking shawl... For the one or two times a year I might actually NEED a dressy item. Or, I can wear it around the house. I am working on a red shawl with the same pattern. We'll see how that turns out.


Ok... Well, there was supposed to be a nice picture of my shawl right here. Obviously, the 6 uploads of that SAME PICTURE didn't work. So, I will upload it again later, when my computer, ISP, and the Blogger site are all in the same orbit.

And so, that's my first post. Oh, you ask why the title? I have chickens, and the "Crap on my shoes, egg in my pocket" was husband's comment one time when I came in after collecting eggs. I will talk about my flock next time.

My first offical boo-boo. I downloaded a picture twice... So I made Rudee reeeeeeeeeeally small. German Shepard as Chihauha.

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