Monday, January 24, 2022

14. "Where's the creamy filling?"

 Was sitting on the couch, reading, figuring out what I needed to do today, when...

Scritch! Crackle!! Scritch scritch, squawk!

And it was coming from the fireplace. Ding had to investigate!

She was intent on the window.  I sighed, it was a bird, again.  

I let Husband know. We sat down, and waited for the bird to work its way down to the stove. 

Poor Ding, the bird would make a noise, she launch to the fireplace.  Then it would stop, she'd get bored, wander off. Then scritch, scritch, and ZOOOOM, back to the window and see if she could see what was making the noise.

Pretty soon, about maybe a half hour or so, scritch, crunch, POOF!! And lots of squawks. Our bird had arrived! And guess who wanted a front row seat! 

(The bird is to the left in the window.) 

Having done this a few times, Husband and I have it down to a near science. Lights off, blinds closed, open door, and I grab Ding, put her in the bedroom, grab a sheet, and hold it up in the side area, so the bird doesn't see a second exit. 

So Husband opens the fireplace door, fooosh goes the bird back outside, and then I let Ding out. She runs to the fireplace, and keeps checking it out. She KNOWS there was a bird!!! I gave her some treats, so she at least knows she was doing good kitty stuff.

She is going to power sleep later!!!