Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Books, paper... And not.

 I am almost finished with Don Quixote. Any luck, I will have a book review tomorrow.  I was looking through my bookshelf. Then I looked in my book cupboard. Then I looked on the floor of the craft room, because those books haven't made it to the cupboard yet. 

I have one possible out, but received an email about some ebooks.  Hmmm.

I dug out my tablet, charged it up, and I have almost a thousand or so books there! Wow, um, maybe I should get a list going of ones I *really* want to read, and put those in the queue next. Need to get on my figurative horse, at any rate, I want to read a few and catch up.  Don isn't a bad book, but tiny print, even more tiny footnotes, and regular stops for archaic terms really slowed my reading speed! (Oddly, ren faire helped some, I hung out with horse folk, and warrior folk, so armor terms and saddleing and tack terms weren't too much of a problem...)

So it not lack of books. Lack of? Overwhelmed of!!! ;) 

Mostly, I am trying to find different genres for books, so I don't read say, 10 mystery, or horror, or something. So, after a grumpy bit with my tablet, thinking I'd not been able to download things... They seem to be downloaded fine, now sort...