Monday, May 31, 2021

A little help from my friend...

 Ding insists on seeing what I am doing, anywhere in the house.  Most of the time this is benign. (I do have to lock her out when I am exercising, she wants to get close to the moving parts, and has bonked her head pretty hard, so she just stays out now...)

She does this to Husband, as well, he was doing maintenance on a battery set up we have for our ham radio.  He was on the floor, doing some connections, when I walked in, and saw Ding crouched down, peering in where he was working, not bothering him, just watching. 

Fortune has it, she is very much a watcher.  She's never climbed into the dryer, or something like that.  She has managed to get stuck on one of our closets from time to time, but that's not a big deal, we realize she hasn't been "right there", check in the closet, bingo, out comes Ding.

But as the above photo shows, she has a thing for making the bed.  I have to move her each time. I finally got tired of putting her down to have her jump up faster than I could stand, and so I just move her out of the way of the side I am making up. However, she insists on getting under the sheet when I put it on.  I just get it close, and finish when she gets bored.  

It has been said my cat is spoiled.  I just don't see it...