Sunday, February 19, 2023

2. P.T., elk, and Jack Frost

 I have been working on correcting a problem with my knee. It wasn't bending, so I would more or less stomp that side when I walked.  I was less than excited about going to a physical therapist, but it was getting ridiculous to walk for an hour or two, then needing to rest with my leg up for several hours after. 

So, bite the cliche'd bullet...

I couldn't have been more surprised with the results. The therapist took time to listen to what happened to me, where I was hurting at, and I think my leg was measured to a gnat's left eyebrow.  Then she had me do exercises. No manipulation by her, except to make sure I was standing/leaning correctly, so I didn't manage to topple over.  I came in the next time, she would see how I had progressed, and then add to the PT's, making the leg work harder.  

I am SO pleased to say I can move my knee nearly normally now! 😃

So now I have to work on the ankle. And it's not working out quite as nicely as the knee. But, my therapist is very positive that with what I am doing, and the effort I am making, that we should be able to get it figured out. (Hope hope hope hope...)

One of our neighbors mentioned there were elk in the area.  Hadn't thought any more about it since then. I was out in the pod, (where I don't think they could see me, but most certainly could hear me).  They trotted in little by little, and ended up about 30 strong that I could see. My Dad was there, and we just sat and watched them wander around, graze, scratch... Eat my bamboo plant, jump over the fence with varying success... Oh, well. The joys of wildlife, I guess...

It looked like a fairly young herd, the bucks didn't have any fork, points on the horns, but they were aware of everything, so it looked like they were good, healthy, and probably will be around for a while...

The weather has been very yes and no lately. We've had snow, icy mornings to where I have to have help getting the chickens out, because the door is jammed by ice, then other days were it's not QUITE shirt sleeve weather. Wind, some.  And coming up by the end of the week, a hard freeze and snow, if the weather folk are right... Jack Frost is out and watching.

At least SOMEONE is looking forward to the cold! ; )